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Email address for Palma Real Varadero

Hi all
Does anyone have this email address?

We are heading to this resort in February, with 5 adults and 4 children, in three rooms. I have heard of people emailing requests for adjoining rooms prior to their arrival, and my sis-in-law would feel better doing this, as 2 of their young children are sharing a room with Grandma, and she would feel more comfortable have them close, not to mention the convenience, especially at night.

Also, how much notice is best when we contact them?


Last year I emailed our resort in advance also in hopes of getting a certain type of room; it made no difference whatsoever, so I’m not sure if Palma Real is an exception to that rule. We too are staying there in February, so if you end up getting email address I too will try to request; I think they have certain rooms set aside and when you check in you get the luck of the draw. You can always change rooms, sometimes it takes a day or two. Last year upon check in the man was grumpy and I think gave us the crappiest room (different hotel) so the next day we asked for a different room and the day after we were moved. I think upon check in the one who holds the CUC gets a better room! Just my humble opinion!!

I have heard/read (possibly here at Debbie’s quite some time ago) that a lot of reservations staff at Cuban resorts prefer not to take room requests by individuals. However, if you make your request through your travel agent, you have a better chance of having it honoured.

Thanks to both of you.

I have put my request in via my agent, but I just thought this might help, too. Squeaky wheel theory…and my sis in law could potential have a melt down if her “babies” aren’t immediately next door…even if they are with their grandmother. I’m the peacemaker in the family, I can’t help it!

These two addresses were sent to me by a booking agency when I stayed at Palma Real last year. I didn’t have to use them, so I can’t vouch that they are valid, but I hope this helps:



Thanks so much, maydaymax. I’ll give them a try!

the email address is jrecp.palmareal@hotetur.com the person’s name is ANABEL RUBI tell he JIM MATTHEWS told you to call me … do not forget to bring them something as a token of her help … they appreciate it…when are you going as I may tell you some good room numbers… please leave a message for me

thanks jimbobgloria! I just sent you a pm.