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Email for CB jibacoa

try this one: <Relaciones Publicas relapublic@clubtropico.co.cu

Hey Thanks, how long does it take for you to get a reply? :stuck_out_tongue:

well i really didn’t get a reply, but my request was granted…soooooo i assume they got the e-mail.

I take it , you may have made a room request? There are six of us…3 couples headed for Cameleon mid Jan, and I’m always curious as to what rooms others may have had, if it was a request, good choice? or would there be another choice? Maybe others that have been could help me out.

When I was given the contact email for this resort, it was given with the proviso that it NOT be posted publicly in a travel forum as the resort staff did not wish to be swamped with room allocation requests.

I’m guessing selectivedi that your request was granted because you’ve been a multiple returning guest.

Ocanada we may be on the same flight as you!!

Didn’t realize that the resort preferred their e-mail not be posted. I only requested the first time I booked this resort and haven’t e-mailed requests since. I figure any room was in an ok location for me so really didn’t matter where I was. I go where they tell me and haven’t been disappointed yet.

Many years ago I read an article in Conde Nast. It was about how to deal with your hotel accommodations and get the best experience out of your stay. The recommendation was to contact the hotel, well prior to arrival, and let them know your preferences. Without this prior knowledge, they place you blind rather than attempt to accommodate your likes. Remember, they want you to leave with a good impression and, if you aren’t happy with your accommodations it will have an impact on your stay and, ultimately, your later comments about the resort. It is much easier for a resort to try and accommodate your preferences, when they have time to plan them, rather than try and relocate you once you’ve arrived. The main thing is not to be exacting, as in asking for a specific room. Keep it general, such as preferred floor, and give them a number of building preferences, rather than just one.
Be patient. It’s Cuba and responses may take a few days :wink:

Gee … it is my understanding that many tour operators book certain ‘blocks’ of accommodations according to the price they are paying. For example, Air Canada Vacations may book only villa rooms at Breezes Bella Costa, Nolitiours has several sections at Sirenas La Salina for their guests (Cameleon service), etc. It is first up to each tour operator to determine the ‘level’ of accommodations, and guests sometimes have the opportunity to choose (and pay for) a higher level of accommodation (ie: garden view, ocean view, villa section, etc.).
While hotels may be able to accommodate certain requests especially during the slower season, it is often difficult (if not impossible) for them to be able to respond to requests during the high season. A close friend who works in the reservation department of a Cuban hotel says that they find it really frustrating when people book the lowest category of accommodation through a tour operator, then send e-mails requesting to be changed to another section of the hotel. Often it isn’t possible, and some guests get upset that their request wasn’t granted.
Of course returning guests will get special consideration – that is only normal.
I could understand contacting your hotel directly about your room if you booked directly with the hotel. But if you booked through a tour operator, that tour operator has the contract with the hotel - not you as an individual; and the hotel is responsible to communicate with the tour operator - not with you directly. That they do so is a courtesy. Of course, this has changed drastically with e-mail communications, and is a tad challenging for some hotels to deal with!

Good points madrugada! I have always made my room request at the time of booking, directly with the travel agent, and the note appears on the weekly list of arrivals that the destination rep receives. The destination rep is then supposed to make arrangements with the hotel (emphasis on the “supposed”, because some reps don’t bother or are too busy to do it). My requests have always been granted - but I do travel more often during low season, which surely makes a difference.

Are you asking about what I know as Cameleon Villas Jibacoa (next door to Breezes Jibacoa)? If so, when we were there, all guest rooms were single story in blocks of four rooms. None were too far from any of the amenities, and all were far enough away from the ‘disco’.

Excellent post madrugada! I agree 100%!

Specific room requests by email are a room manager’s logistical nightmare.

For those who book their vacations on-line, pay close attention to the “Comments” box. This is where you should put your general requests for room allocation. Include info such as kingsize bed, ground floor room, room/building close to the beach, etc. and if you are a returning guest, don’t hesitate to say so.

For the newer forum members who may not be aware of the information, Debbie as a great file at www.webshots.com - member “Maplady” with many resort layout maps so you can scope out a preferred room location before booking.

When reading resort reviews on Debbie’s main homepage, www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com , look at the top to see if there is a resort map to go with the reviews and you can click on the link directly from there as well.

I agree that it is easier for the resort to deal with an email request rather than having an unhappy guest at the front desk demanding immediate relocation (I’ve witnessed this a few times), often while others are still trying to check in. Much easier for hotel and guest to “get it right the first time”. That said, I totally agree that unless you are happy paying for an upgrade any request should be made in general terms, with no grousing if the resort is unable to accommodate you. Upstairs, quiet location, type of bed, etc. are all valid suggestions, IMHO, and give the staff something they can work with so all parties are satisfied. It makes no sense to put someone who finds walking difficult at the outer reaches of the resort, while placing someone (like me!) who wants it quiet and loves to walk anyhow right next to the entertainment centre, the disco, or the 24 hour bar!