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Emails and response time


I know many of you wonderful brides to be expect a very quick answer to many of your questions you have sent to the wedding co-ordinator(s). But you have to realize that many of them receive so many questions via emails that they do get swamped with them. If it takes a week or even two weeks don’t worry as I’m sure they will respond to your questions. However if they do not respond after a couple of weeks simply fax or phone them :sunglasses:


I can understand 1 to 1 1/2 weeks to respond. But I’ve send many emails over the last month. Our TA has also sent 2 emails that I know of, with no response to either of us. I just want to make sure we have our date set. I need to hear it the WC them self to ease my mind. I’ve heard I need to call also, but email cost each of us nothing.


I know how you feel. I have snet about 5 email over the last month to try and book my weding and had no response. I had lost of questions as as we had to book our travel we are now in the position of having booked up but not booked the wedding and our guests dont know wether to book or not! it is very frustrationg.



I agree with stillgotit, it sometimes take a while for them to get back to you. They have so many things going on and I know it’s not what you want to hear because like you both I am getting married in June 07 and sometimes trying to get responses can be very frustrating. It just seems that when every bride returns from their wedding they reassure everyone that everything went smooth and they have everything under control…I got most of my questions answered here on this forum… good luck!


If you Pm or email with your particular problems that need answering by your wedding co-ordinator and also you have received no answers then I will get to the bottom of these problems and try and get some quick responses for you. A somewhat of a gentle nudge helps and if that doesn’t work then I will go to the next level of persuasion :sunglasses:


i’ve been pretty lucky i usually hear from my WP withing 8 to 24 hours. so at christmas i didn’t hear from her i kinda panicked because i wanted confirmation when my wedding was with the judge. I figured it was Christmas. after Xmas i emailed again and found out the WP is a new one and is in the process of getting all the old emails from the old WP computer. she now gets back very quickly. If you live in canada there is a company called www.looneycall.com it cost $1.00 for 10 minute call then 12 cents for every additional minute. you had these #s to the phone # you are calling: 10-15-565. its the cheapest i have seen to the DR.

I know iam not soppose to advirtise a product, but its not my product and have used it and i have enjoyed it, and since brides will be calling the DR often or parents who are the DR have kids that want to call you its a good price



Do you know if that number works in the US?? I’ll try and see what happens.Thanks for the info.


i know we can call the US with it. but iam assuming its a canadain company since its called “looneycall” and if you don’t know this but are one dollar is called the looney and are two dollars is called a twooney.




Which co-ordinator are you talking to at Breezes? I have been trying to contact Emilia for my wedding for over a month and I haven’t heard a thing from her and it’s getting very frustrating. I also wanted to ask you what details you have been planning for in advance (where the dinner will be, food, music, etc.) and what you’re leaving until you get there.



I have Pm you with some questions you can answer for me and then maybe we can proceed from there :sunglasses:


stillgotit**Who have you pm? With what questions? Did I miss something?


No you did not miss anything. I had PMed kellylr82 :sunglasses:



sorry i just noticed your message

it is now Monica (bzdweddings@superclubs.com). she is pretty good at replying. I have prebooked my restraunt, well gave you two choices. Everything else iam waiting till i get down there. I have a 207 package of info that she sent me. you need to fax her at least one month before an info sheet. I also booked the time and date already and had confirmed by the judge. Any questions feel free to ask




Thanks for the info, I actually just found out this morning through calling Breezes that Emilia who was the original planner I was talking to doesn’t work there anymore. I’m glad to hear that Monica is good at replying and I will write her and hope for the best. Thanks!