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EMails from Debbies:

Isn’t it great to have a hands-on owner & administrator? I have to say it gives this forum a family/friendly feeling and it feels good to ask opinions, or offer your own without worrying if you’ve crossed the line. Thanks Zee, you’ve done an absolutely fantastic makeover and we’re (or at least I am) so glad to be back and enjoying the conversations. You could become entrepreneur of the year. You would certainly get my vote. (Does this get me a paid 2 week trip (by Debbie’s) to Cuba. I will tell you where I want to go. I’m available any time!

I agree whole heartedly Sund0g!

I was thinking earlier today how great it was to receive these and it reminds me of the old days of this forum! :sunglasses:

Having a hands-on owner/admin IS making all the difference!

A real pleasure to see many familiar usernames from the past logging on. I thought crestfield, freefallfred, GefM and a few others were missing in action but viola, here they are and it’s great to see them back.

I also know a lot of members have duplicate, maybe even triplicate registrations here at Debbie’s. Bet it would be a huge help to admin if the extra or incognito registrations were deleted. I find it very confusing having many of the same people with different disguises running around.

Thank you sund0g, GefM, YVRck and other members of Debbie’s. Without you guys this place would be nothing. I really appreciate your comments and regarding vacation trips and contests and prizes I am sure we will have some this year :wink:
I am working hard to make everything function properly in the back end and as you mentioned we have new design and logo as members of Debbie’s asked for. This community has great people and great minds that just needed good home to stay together and now we are growing stronger. In the past 24 hours we had more than 1000 visitors coming to see Debbie’s forum and some of them joined. It is great to have you all here contributing to this community.