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End of May vacation

Hi everyone… it’s been quite a while!

So I’m planning my next vacation, either the week of May 26th or the week of June 6th. I know that it’s ‘summer’ in Canada, but if it’s ANYTHING like last summer on the East coast I will definitely be going down south to at least see some sun!

Has anyone travelled to Cuba this time of the year? I went the first week of May in 2007 and it was great… 30+ and sunny! I love the heat and the looooooooong days, but are there any downfalls? When does hurricane season start?

I also realize that most places are on their off season - what can I expect for prices? I plan to fly out of either Halifax (ideally), but willing to go to Montreal or Toronto to get a decent deal. Selloff and other websites have quite high prices for ‘off season’, do they normally take a dive once May rolls around?

Thanks, your help is appreciated!

I haven’t travelled that late in the spring, but my husband has. I would expect pretty good prices…but you never know. Perhaps not as much choice. Think you are well clear of hurricane season…

We have travelled that time of year

We enjoy it. There is less food choices with the lesser volume of people at the resorts - but that has never bothered us. They do renovations in the off seasons. Not necessarily noisy but sections of resorts (rooms) can be closed for painting and such.

I went to Villa Covarrubias in early June 2006. Very HOT and 95% humidity for the first 3 days, then the 2 year drought broke, (with a vengance).
There were 26 guests at the resort, about 40 staff. It was great. No line-ups at the bars, restaurant, disco, dive shop or watersports areas. I was quite often the only guest at the bar for a whole afternoon, (did my best to keep him busy). The resort was closing at the end of the week so they wouldn’t tap a fresh keg - canned beer after day 2!, There was no buffet - the staff waited until we entered the restaurant and then cooked what we wanted.
Perfect for what I wanted. I would go back in a flash in early June.
At the time I booked 2 days prior to leaving but the way things are this year, get a price you’re comfortable with and book. Then stop comparing prices.

Out of Toronto or Montreal you will find some great deals but out of Halifax there will be very few options, let alone good deals. :-[

I went the 2nd week of June last year and got a great deal out of Toronto. The weather was absolutely amazing. Sunny every day and nice and hot too. I love the heat though and my friend that I went with couldn’t take it so she spent most of the time in the room or in the shade and that didnt help much. Heading down again in May. Can’t wait

If you flight out from Montreal make sure leave 1 week before the Quebec holiday (June 24). June is rainy season in Cuba. April till mid-May are best months in Cuba, hot but not humid.

Thanks for all the replies…

Another question for those of you who have travelled the end of May - which resort did you stay at? I want to go to one that doesn’t shut down completely (my guess is that many of them do).

When I was at NH Krystal in May 2007, we were there the day the Laguna side closed down for the off season (still had a blast though… love how there aren’t big crowds or difficulty getting a restaurant reservation!)