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Entertainment at Iberostar Varadero

I will be travelling with my mother and was curious to find out what type of entertainment in the evening???


Hi, we were there 2 years ago and they have shows each evening around a theme: Carribean Night, Cuba Night, Kids Show Night, etc. This is not the Tropicana so the production quality can be variable but there’s lots of singing and dancing and usually some guest participation. Very similar format to what you see at other resorts in Cuba, with unobjectionable if somewhat cheesy content. As well, the restaurants sometimes have live music during dinner, which I found more enjoyable than the shows, but this does not seem to be announced ahead of time so you may or may not be there when the performer is there.

Hi , we were also there in 2007, ( our second trio to this resort ;D), they always had a kids show first in the evening, then one for the adults ( but not necessarily an ADULT show LOL)
Some evenings we went , other evenings we didn’t , enjoyable but not , as yhz says if you can find a live group just a few guitars and some singing, it’s more enjoyable IMHO 8-). Beautiful resort , one of my all time fav’s !! :smiley: