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Entry/exit requirements from UK


I know the information is on this site somewhere as I found it really helpful last time we went to the DR. However, this was a few years ago now and things may have changed - I could also do with refreshing my memory as to what is required Visa wise etc.

Could someone please point me in the right direction…?!?

many thanks


Well, for starters, you’ll need your passport. You will also need a tourist card; most Brits seem to buy theirs ahead of time and save the hassle of buying it at the airport and filling it out after a 9 hour flight. You’ll also have to pay a $20US departure tax when you leave the country. I think that’s it.


If you have the time and can be bothered you can get the entry visa ahead of going to the DR by sending £8 to the DR embassy in London, if you want the address I’ll put it on tomorrow, not got it here at the moment. But it only costs $10 when you get to the DR so it’s not really that big a deal, costs more but gets you through a bit quicker in the DR to stand and wait for your cases. I have got them ahead of time before but I don’t bother now.

Return still $20 each so tuck it into your passport and tuck both into the safe until you go home.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Thanks for that - I would really appreciate the address - bit of a control freak I’m afraid and anything that I can get done before we go just lets me drift into the holiday a little easier.

Yes, and the $20 departure tax, definitiely need a safe home for that.

Ta !


Sorry!! :smiley:

I didn’t put the address on Friday, too busy at work!! Then couldn’t over the weekend as the address was on my desk at work!!

Dominican Republic Embassy
139 Inverness Terrace
W2 6JF

telephone number 0207 7276285, recorded message

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Don’t forget postal orders only!!!