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Excellence and Majestic BUFFET dress codes

I wonder if anyone could let me know what the dress codes are for the buffets at these two resorts? Do they allow dress shorts and flipflops (thongs) in the evening?

Many thanks


Not sure about the Excellence, but the Majestic does allow dress shorts and thongs to the buffet. The only restaurant that has mandatory long pants at the Majestic is the Gourmet.
I’m assuming you were talking about the code for men ??

Glassgirl, thanks for that - and yes I was talking about men!

the majestic elegance" kindly asks gentlemen to wear long pants and a dress or polo shirt for dinner and to refrain from wearing wet clothes in the air conditioned restaurants" quoted from the elegance" passport"…this would apply to the ala carte rests., many guys do wear dress shorts in the buffet rest. hope this helps!

Excellence does not offer buffets in the evening, except when weather forces the weekly Dominican beach buffet BBQ indoors usually in the space for the Toscana restaurant. Gentlemen are asked to wear long pants and shoes when dining in the Toscana restaurant, even if a buffet is served. Excellence does offer other options for more casually dressed dining. If you want more details, let me know.


I was at the Majestic Elegance last week and my husband always wear short jeans for the supper at the buffet.

Here is a link to Excellence Punta Cana’s restaurants. Place your cursor over the dress code below each name and you will view the requirements. It does appear that elegant sandles are also permited at some restaurants.