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Exchange Rate

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I searched and couldn’t find anything…

Is there a good webite to get the current exchange rate?


[quote=@glanmiregirl]Sorry if this has already been asked, but I searched and couldn’t find anything…

Is there a good webite to get the current exchange rate?



Maybe, but you’ll not likely get the 29.5 pesos for a loonie that the site would indicate. Expect about 33-34 pesos to a $1US and about 24 pesos for $1CDN. Sorry, but the $US is coin of the realm there. Heck, they don’t even want their own currency. Last time I checked, they wanted 44 pesos to buy a $US … ::slight_smile:

They do still accept the US dollar though right? I still have some US dollar bills for tipping and some 5’s and 20’s for other minor shopping stuff and was wondering if it was still safe to bring US $$. We’ll use our Credit Card for any excursions that we may do. Last year, we had to bring Canadian $$ to Cuba and then exchange when there to CUC’s whereas it was only in 2002 that we did use US $$ in Cuba too. The times are changing for some things for sure!!

Absolutely. As I said, coin of the realm. Unless you stray far from any of the tourist areas, the $US is king. If you’re heading out into the boonies, then changing into pesos would be a good idea.
In Punta Cana, I use $US almost exclusively. In Puerto Plata I use pesos when I go into town to the supermercado or a local restaurant. All the prices are posted in pesos and it saves some surprises when they use ‘their’ peso to $US rate.

So with the current exchange rate of about 22c on the $ (CAD to USD), and the 10-pesos difference between CAD and USD in the Dominican… is it adviseable to get our CAD changed to USD before we leave, and then convert some of the USD to DR pesos when we arrive? Or would the double-exchange basically kill the 10-peso advantage the USD has over the CAD in the Dominican?

Actually nevermind… I managed to crudely work out the following:
$1 CAD = 24 RD$ (the exchange rate in Sosua, roughly)
$1 USD = 33 RD$ (the exchange rate in Sosua, roughly - conservative)
$1 CAD = $0.815 USD (if I went to my bank here in Canada today)

Therefore, $1 CAD = (33 x 0.815) RD$ = 26.895 RD$. That means that we get approximately 3 pesos (over 10%) more by exchanging CAD to USD here before we leave, and exchanging those USD to pesos once in the DR.

Is my math pretty much OK for this?

Thanks for your help everyone!!

I get all US cash here, and change $20 at a time for gift shop purchases.

As Bob said - when the prices are in Pesos, I find it easier to figure out ahead of time how much it is, and I don’t have to worry about them giving me the correct change.


We are going to be at Dreams La Romana on Tues.Jan 12, and I was just wondering if I should bring Traveler’s chqs. along with the cash? Any problems cashing them for excursions or hotel/spa bills? I just would feel better not having all that cash on me. Thanks for your help