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Exchanging Large Bills

Does anyone know if there is any issue with exchanging large Canadian bills ($100) at the Banks and/or Cadeca’s?

I am leaving on Friday for a month-long stay and will need to take a fair bit of cash. I know even in Canada, some merchants don’t like 100’s.

Same Q re 50’s.

I have never had a problem exchanging large Canadian bills, but they must be in really excellent condition (no rips, nothing written on them). It may take a few seconds longer, as the clerk will need to register the serial number on the bill along with your passport number - at least that was required when I was changing very large amounts (several thousand at a time). I find it easier to list the serial numbers of the bills on a sheet before I go, to make it easier for the cashier. :slight_smile:
I only exchange large amounts at the bank - never at a Cadeca (again, that was for several thousand $$ at a time), and always have a trusted Cuban friend along for the transaction … and security!

As Madrugada says, big bills in perfect condition are no problems whatsoever.

And yes, when exchanging large amounts the slightly better exchange rate at a bank (instead of a Cadeca) will pay for a few extra beers. Even at a bank though use all the normal precautions to be sure you’re not being short changed… bring a calculator so you know exactly how much you should be receiving, re-count in front of the teller, get a receipt, etc.

Keep in mind that front loading your credit card and getting cash advances every now and then is a lot safer than carrying around and securing a pile of cash.

Have fun.