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Why do we get so excited when we book a trip to Cuba. I have been many places in the world but none can match the feeling of the count down to Cuba. Going back to the Sol Luna y Mares for the 7th. time the end of June. The count down begins.

because we know what to expect there !!!

I get excited to travel anywhere. As soon as one trip is finished, I need a countdown for another one. Sometimes even before I leave for the first one… ::slight_smile:

I will take a trip anywhere…roadtrip, weekend get away, weekend in the US…but the best are always the trips south of course!!

I know what you mean, alexander. We go back the same time every year; in fact we’ve been home just over a month and start counting down to the next visit as we leave the resort ;D Like you, we’ve been many places but something always drew us back to Cuba. We’ve made friends with quite a few couples, from many places, who return at the same time as ourselves and we get to renew those friendships each visit. That’s part of the excitement for us - seeing friends we can only stay in contact with by emails and Facebook until we can return to Cuba for face to face visits :slight_smile:

We have done a lot of travelling but for some reason, planning a trip to go back to Cuba is more exciting. We are 22 days away from leaving and wish it was now.

Not sure why it is…don’t fight the feeling let it flow. LOL I get the same way. Just received the etickets last night was so happy. Woke up to more snow this morning…schools canceled, roads a mess. Two major storms in less that 3 three days…take me away to Cuba winter has been very long.

I start planning right away also. We booked our trip in June 2012 for April 2013. Back to our special spot, Cayo Ensenachos.

I guess I miss out on all that excitement when I book last minute. :’(

I just booked our hotel for a small town Mexican wedding in Oct. Breaks my heart to book that early but we grabbed the last room where we wanted to stay.

Tequila or rum … Tequila or rum … Tequila or rum … Tequila or rum … :sunglasses:

Why? Because it’s like Christmas… for grown-ups!
Or like Spring Break… without the parents :sunglasses:

We go in 18 weeks for our 5th time to the Melia Las Dunas and our 8th time to Cuba, the countdown starts for us normally from 20 weeks where we do something for the holiday each weekend, this weekend we bought a bottle of suntan lotion and our travel pillows. Only way to get through those long weeks.