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Excursion for families w/young teens


Looking for fun/interesting excursions for our family of 4 with girls 11 and 13. Safe areas preferred. Vacationing Jan 08.
Appreciate any suggestions.


Which area of the DR are you going?

The Bavaro Runners Safari is fun and interesting. We went to a sugar cane farm, a ranch, went hoseback riding and visited a “home”. It was a full day.

Saona island is fun as well as a trip to Santo Domingo.

There are lots of other excursions depending on the area where you will be staying


yeah, if you visit to Punta Cana fun for young and lessyoung’s, lol, will be found on:

  • Bavaro Runners
  • Outback Safari
  • Marinarium
  • Patatatu
  • Tropical Storm
  • Fun Buggy
  • Monster Truck

have a great time


Thanks both of you. GREAT suggestions! We will be staying at the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana. First visit to DR. We are Hawaiian vacationers but heard this is a nice destination, just different.


Different for sure. Mike’s suggestions are all good. Enjoy.


Also there is the new zip line adventure. If you like that kind of fun.

Monster Truck Safari is a great day out and fun for the whole family.



Our first time was at the Gran Bahia also and it was amazing. We (6 of us ) went on the Outback Safari and had a blast.


:DWe went on the Caribbean Festival - very safe - the ages of the kids in our group was 5, 11, 13, 16 , 18, 21 and every age loved it. ;D You go snorkeling on a reef and swim with Manta Rays and nurse sharks. There were guides responsible for a group of about four to five people - in the water. I did bring a life jacket for my five year old and I always bring my own snorkels with the wave protectors. The boat is double decker and very large. They have pictures of all the different fish so you can identify what you see. They serve refreshments and snacks and alcohol is served but only after the snorkeling is complete. There is a dance show and they get everyone dancing. So much fun! It is also only a half day excursion - perfect. They pick you up from your resort in a orange school bus with a thatched roof. If you look up Majestic Colonial reviews - My pics are attached to it and they include shots of Caribbean Festival. We also always go deep sea fishing with Mikes Marina - but that’s because my son loves to fish! Mike has a great fleet and you can pre plan that on line. Whatever you choose have a wonderful time! :smiley:


What is included on the Outback Safari? How many hours?


Outback Safari

  • visit a typical Dominican home.
  • meet the family that lives there & enjoy a drink of freshly made coffee with them. (I’m not sure I believe that the family actually lives there, but it is typical).
  • swim & cool off in a crystal clear river.
  • shop at a local rum shack (local products like rum, cigars, coffee, all at “near” local prices).
  • picnic/buffet style lunch (with a merengue show).
  • peaceful jungle river boat ride.
  • walk through a fruit plantation (taste fresh fruit & sugarcane).
  • see native animals like crocodiles, iguanas, turtles & more at their mini riverside ranch.
  • boogie boarding on secluded beach. Or just swim/laze around/drink.
  • all inclusive day, purified water, soft drinks, rum and beer
  • English speaking guide. (well there are tips expected).

It’s a long day. Hotel pickup is about 8 am and you’ll get back about 4.


rates for the different safaris range about $85.- to $100.- per person.
Patatatu Snorkeling on the sailcatamaran run for $60.- per person
offshore Sportfishing rates depend on the kind of charter you are interested in(shared charter, private half day charter or private full day charter

have a blast


If I can suggest anything for younger children (depending on what their interests) I would say a dolphin swim. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!


We just discussed the dolphins. Where is this offered?


You will find lots of threads on this board explaining that the Dolphin Excursion in PC questionable. Unfortunately there are animal rights allegations and the treatment of the dolphins (in Punta Cana) is under investigation. It does not seem to be of the same quality and standard as the one offered by Ocean World in Puerto Plata. You may want to consider all the other wonderful tours that are available.


Interestingly enough, our tour rep in Punta Cana didn’t even offer that place, but they did offer an excursion to Ocean World in Puerto Plata. The tour was a mite expensive because they flew you there.


welcome back.
we really missed you buddy.
people even asked if you passed away because there’s not been anymore your great advice available on the bord.
you’re right, the flight excursion to Ocean World in Puerto Plata is a bit prizy because they have to fly you there, so it is not within everybody’s budget, but who does not have to worry about the bucks, it is a great one(wouldn’t be for my vacation budget neither, but i can reach POP by boat, ha ha).
let us know more details about your visit.
happy holidays


[quote author=mikefisher board=general thread=1193961356 post=1198377293]let us know more details about your visit.
Review and photos coming …