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Excursion in Cuba

I had a few excursions while I was in Cuba and one that is in my mind is day excursion from Varadero to Havana. I took that excursion on my first trip to Cuba. I spent a few days in Varadero on the beach and than took excursion to Havana and it was excellent choice. We had a tour guide and we went to Havana with nice air conditioned bus. We visited all popular tourist places such as Old Cathedral in Havana, Malecon, Plaza de la Revolucion, National Capitol Building etc. One of the things that I liked on that excursion to Havana was visit to Rum Museum ( El Museo del Ron Havana ). What excursion in Cuba you liked or you still like to remember?

My first trip to Cuba I took an excursion from SRLM resort to Santiago which included a stop at [a href=“http://cubantouristcenters.com/en/place/attraction/biran-historic-site”]Birán[/a] which was the highlight of the trip. Santiago is a city with an old fort and harbour, the Moncado Barracks with the fake cannon hits yadda yadda but seeing the plantation where Fidel spent his early years was by far the most interesting for me.  :slight_smile:

What really struck me was the similarity of the one-room school house Fidel attended to the one in Skinners Pond where Stompin’ Tom grew up and the one in QC that I spent my 1st 3 school years.

Highly recommend that excursion to anyone.

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Has anyone recently participated in a Havana excursion from Cayo Coco? I’d love to hear some feedback re costs, 1day vs overnight, tour company options, experience, recommendations…

From Cayo Largo there are not too many excursions available. You can go on the Havana trip but then you got to have the courage to get on a dated Russian plane to fly to the mainland…

I guess the best excursion is the Catamaran trip. 3 options available, daytime, sunset or you can rent it as part of a private group.

We did the daytime trip. First stop Iguana Island, a small barren island inhabited by Iguanas. Next stop a reef in the middle of the ocean to do snorkeling. This was the highlight for me.

Then it’s on to the Natural Pool. A shallow water “pool” in the ocean. It’s an area where the water is about knee deep. Here the captain also prepares the lobster lunch. Best lobster I had in my life…even went for seconds.

Last stop was a beautiful beach where we spent some time before hopping back on the boat to return. A great excursion if it’s not too windy

The Varadero/Havana excursion market is booming with off-resort individuals and companies offering options that in my opinion blow the big tour bus excursions out of the water.

Why be herded around in a large tour group when for almost the same price a few people can get together and travel with a private guide…


My favorite “excursion” thus far was our first visit to our Cuban friends’ house in Matanzas. We spent a wonderful evening with them with our limited Spanish and their limited English, but lots of laughs, children’s kisses, home-made sangrias, sharing a meal and chatting around the table in their beautiful little house surrounded by bird cages, blooming vines, and Cuban music. Twas bliss!

Number 2 would have to be… going to an all-Cuban wedding, also in Matanzas. Great time, wonderful memories… and lots of karaoke which we found out Cubans love.

We’ve done few. Or first trip to Cuba was to Varadero. We did the full day catamaran tour which was a blast! I don’t know if I would spend the money now for that but I’d recommend it to any 1st timer. Another year we did the speed boats through the mangroves which also included snorkeling. Another year in Cayo Guillermo I went up in an amphibious ultra-lite which was very cool and a great view. Scary thing is that a few years later I heard of a tourist and pilot being killed when the same one crashed. I’d probably do it again though. Another year my wife and I both did the para-sailing which was amazing! I talked my wife into it and to this day, she thanks me for doing so. One of her best experiences! Scuba diving it quite good and I’ve been able to dive a few times during our trips. We’ve also done a day tour with a private guide to Havana as well as Santiago de Cuba. High on my list still is a tour to Pinar del Rio and Vinales as well as Trinidad. I’d love to sky dive in Cuba too. The view would be amazing!

I did the “official” excursion to Havana the first time I stayed at Jibacoa. Subsequently I “did” Havana with a private guide twice, a much better experience. I don’t bother with excursions much, but did go on one at Cayo Largo because there was an opportunity to snorkel. That was the only part of the excursion that interested me (and my snorkel buddy)so when they started blowing the whistle on the cat to bring us back a bit short of the time promised, we ignored them and spent all of our allotted time before returning to the boat, which undoubtedly annoyed some people, but I was wearing a watch and was not going to be cheated out of one minute of my snorkel time!!

On my last trip, the Cayo Blanco excursion was included with the VIP option we booked, so we were entitled to two trips there, and managed to go the third day as well (thanks to my snorkel buddy’s people skills :slight_smile: ) For me this excursion was well worth it, and made my trip!