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Excursion price list

Does anyone have a current price list for excursions from Varadero, we will be going there in a couple weeks
Stephanie :slight_smile:

[one of the better trips is the jeep safari trip… excellent and bring your bathing suit… the trip to cayocayo is ok, and the trip to Havana is good for the first time… go and see the cementry… lots to see… stay away from the flea market in Havana … waste of time and crowded…

An excursion price list from Varadero would be really appreciated if anyone can post one ;D

The following link is to a very good list of excursions in the Holguin/Guardalavaca area. Obviously its no use in Varadero but there may be one for Varadero but I can’t seem to find it. ??? Maybe someone else more familiar with that forum has a link if one exists.