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Excursion Reviews

Hello, sun-lovers ;D! I have been rattling around, looking for reviews on different excursions and things to do off resort while in Punta Cana. I have found that there are a lot of trips available, but not too many reviews that look like they’ve been posted after the fact. I thought starting a thread dedicated to this alone would be helpful for more than just myself. It would be great if people would say what and where they booked their excursions, and what their experiences were.
I’m going with a group of people to PC in late January. This is the first time I’ve been able to convince my boyfriend to go away for 2 weeks rather than just 1, and I want to make sure he doesn’t get bored and regret letting me win that argument! We always stay at All Inclusives when we go away, as some of our friends like to spend the entire vacay on the beach. We, on the other hand, like to spend a lot of time off resort and have a few adventures. We’re staying at the Royal Catalonia.

We have lots of ‘after the fact’ tour reviews in our tour reviews section at http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/tours.html

I’m so glad this was brought up, I’ve been a member for a while now and I never knew this area existed. Way cool.

Gracias. There’s lots of stuff there. You should spend some time exploring through the drop down menus at the top of Debbie’s main page.

Mucho Gracias, bobfromcanada! I checked out the link - that’s exacty what I was looking for. Not hard enough, apparently! I’m all over it now.

P E R F E C T ;D

you’re kidding me??
you did not know about the tours&things to do section on Debbies???
bad girl.
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