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Excursions from Melia Las Dunas

We are a family of four plus one friend who are going to Melia Las Dunas at the end of June. We were wondering if anyone knew of any excursions that are offered from this resort??? We heard about a sea doo trip but we cant find any info about it. Is there any swimming with dolphins in this area??? Also are there lots of activities two 14 year olds and an 8 year old would enjoy here??

Look forward to seeing the responses of other travellers. We too are going to CSM, but likely early July. We will have our kids with us (12 years old) so anything that keeps them occupied will be magic and make my time on the beach more relaxing.

I was there last week of January and will be back the first week of May. I didn’t take too much notice of the trips offered as I only wanted relaxation but go to the representative’s meeting (it didn’t last very long), there you will find out about all the excursions offered. I do recall one to Santa Clara, a jeep one, a sea-do one and also a catarmaran cruise. Sorry I don’t have any particulars for you.
There is a covered area with ping-pong, arrows, pool and air hockey for your younger ones. We were on the adult side which is a quiet pool but at the family pool there seemed to be lots of activity, not sure but also think there is a kids disco.
Have a great holiday, we did!!

I was also there the last week in January. Below is the excursions offered through Signature vacations. My apologies if the picture quality doesn’t turn out great.