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Excursions or Activities

My daughter and son-in-law (30ish) are coming to PC with us in two weeks. They are looking for some activities to do while they are there, so we are looking for some suggestions and approx. costs. They will be staying at the GP Palace, so any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.

Chuck ;D

As your kids have never been to the DR, I would recommend they do the “outback safari”. Fist it will get them off resort and into the country side where they will likely be in for a culture shock. Not a bad thing, just a taste of how daily life for the people of the DR really is. If they would prefer a day of fun then they might try the Sonoa island trip. Power boat ride out, Cat ride back, lunch and beach for a couple of hours on the island. But be warned the rum and sun can be dangerous as both are in ample supply. Approximate cost of Sonoa was around $80.00 us and outback was a little cheaper if I remember correctly. All trips can be booked through the hotel or your travel rep. We have stayed at the Palace twice and really enjoyed it. Cheers.

May of 2002, our 17-year old daughter (and boyfriend) joined us for our 20th anniversary.

The excursion she recalls the most was the swim with the dolphins, here …
The Native Dance at Taino Village and Museum are spectacular.
So are the Equestrian Demonstrations, Parrot Tricks, and Self-guided Tours of the zoo animals.

We just did a search and found another “swim with dolphins” venue right in Punta Cana …

Another excursion we enjoyed as a family was the Outback Safari …
Plenty of stops at a swimming hole (with buffet lunch at a coffee plantation and rum house), visit a typical family dwelling, go boogie-boarding at a secluded beach, taste fruit in a natural plantation environment.

Ted & Jackie