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I have done many excursions, but am most interested in swiming with dolphins again as well as horseback riding. Any suggestions on where the best locations are? as well as prices?


The ONLY dolphin facility in the DR I will recommend is Ocean World outside of Puerto Plata. There are two others (Manati Park and Dolphin Island - actually owned by the same interests) on the East Coast BUT they have a bad reputation and are not recommended by many who are concerned about animal treatment.

www.oceanworld.net has lots of info, prices and more.



Ocean World - an absolute A-1 facility!

We have been there twice and will be going again in Feb/08 - can’t wait!


I love animals and would never want to go to a place that is not good for animal treatment. thanks for the advice I will not be going their.


hi there,
the Dolphins been answered, i agree completely on that.
you also asked about horsbackriding.
look for that info at your resorts guest service, the different resorts work with different ranch locations in the area, so you will get all the info there. it’s great fun, specially the parts right on the beach
have fun


I did the Dolphin swim at Ocean World and absolutely LOVED it. It was amazing.

I am not well educated in what is proper treatment of animals but these trainers seemed to love the animals and we were carefully instructed on how we were allowed to touch and/or not touch the animals.

As for horseback riding - I did not enjoy it in the DR. It is NOT like riding at home. The horses do NOT look healthy at all and they can be very ornory.
I know that personally I had a bad experience and that doesn’t disclude all riding in the DR, but it was crazy enough that I was crying by the end when they finally let me off and all the people I was travelling with got off their horses early as well . . . it was on an excursion and the ride was longer.
I’ve never rode at an actual resort.


Hi - For horse riding in the North there is Sea horse Ranch between Sosua/Caberet. http://www.sea-horse-ranch.com/eng/riding.php
I’m an animal lover too and this place is extremely good and facilities and conditions are comparable to a UK stable. Costs are $30 for 1.5 hours escorted across beautiful beaches and through a sort of mangrove area. Very highly recommended.


Mitzy, that sounds like a good place. I will check out the website.


This is great thread.I have got some useful information through out this thread.Thanks for recommended thous place will check that place for sure.