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We would like to do an excursion on the day the resort has the snake around… I am extremely phobic and since I don’t usually know exactly where they will be on resort w/ this it makes for a pretty stressful day for me!!! :’( Does anyone have any suggestions for an excursion where we would Not run into anything like that?? just writing this post has me a little freaked… Bad I know but that’s the way it is and … no I do not want to face my fear… :-[

what resort and what snake???
of course we have many snakes on the island, but never saw one in a resort.
don’t think about them
happy travel

They had a white boa at the Palladium last year, wifey wore it as a necklace for about 2 minutes. Great for pictures, she said it was soft as a babies butt.

now i got the point,
she’s afraid about the lil Boas from the fotographers.
i don’t know if they have a fix shedule when passing by at each hotel.

Yes I am Mike!!!
Actually your excursion has crossed my mind and I will have to talk to my friend about a fishing excursion… we’re not not big fishermen(girls!) but my brother-in-law used to Captain a private sport fishing yacht in New Hampshire in the summer that I’ve been on and I did catch a Tuna ,but we sent him back to get bigger as he was under 250lbs, but I had a GREAT day!!! Acouple of bruises ,mostly 'cause I’m left handed and was trying to sit in the chair and reel in w/ my left arm. Do you think one of your charters would by a fun day for us?
providing I can find out what day the S-N-K is on the resort?!