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Experienced Travelers pls advise on wedding resort



I have been jumping around from thread to thread looking for a resort in Punta Cana and figured I should probably ask some specific questions to find answers. I don’t want to sound picky, but I am trying to plan my wedding for early 2008. We didn’t think this many people would come but we are expecting 50 guests. We are a couple in our 30s and are easy to please. Many of our guests have never been out of the country nor to an AI. As this is our wedding we’d like something a little nicer than we usually do for vacation. Here is our wish list, just a wish list not a list of demands! If anyone can provide suggestions based on experience I would so appreciate it! Thanks! We were at Sunscape La Romana a few yrs ago and loved it only disliked that they closed the buffet for dinner a few nights a week to have beach dinner with vendors that left few options for people who wanted to eat last minute.

  1. International beer/liquor (Capt Morgan, Jack, Miller)
  2. Good night life for singles
  3. Private area for wedding ceremony
  4. Good food!
  5. Golf/Casino nearby or on location
  6. 24 hr rm service
  7. No wristbands
  8. Close to the airport


Since you were at a Sunscape, I think you would like Sunscape the Beach. Only thing is its about an hour drive. I have a review written, Bill and JoAnn from Pittsburgh. Have been there 3 times.


Since you have received such few posts in the East Coast Forum I will move you thread to the Wedding Forum where you will receive a lot more posts and advice :sunglasses:


Thanks, I thought about posting here originally but wanted to get some advice from experienced Punta Cana travellers.


Try Royal Service at the Melia. If you read the Melia thread you’ll find A LOT of info… it’s a 13 page thread for crying out loud. They don’t have tacky neon wristbands, they are thin subtle leather bracelets. They offer room service. The room service breakfast is soooo good. You can enjoy it on the balcony. If you go to the last page or 2 of the Melia thread you’ll see my links to pictures of the Royal Service suites. We had 60 people at our wedding and not everyone stayed in the Royal Service section but many people upgraded from the regular section to the RS once they visited us in the RS pool area and private beach area because it was so impressive. The casino is not that big but they do have one. None of us were into golf, but they do have it as well. Our reception was a separate private cocktail reception with open premium liquor bar and dancing. This has an extra charge. Again, if you go through the Melia thread you’ll find a lot of info. Many people go for the wedding dinner at an a la carte restaurant which is no extra charge but we didn’t opt for that. As for nightlife, there’s a little sports bar as well as 2 lobby bars that stay pretty lively late into the night. In our group we had a lot of late 20’s/early 30’s couples and singles who are from New York City and Chicago and we go out dancing to clubs a lot at home so we actually ventured off the resort to a club called Mangu several nights. It’s a quick cabride away, all the cabdrivers know it. Its a disco and goes late into the night. Obviously you’d be paying for your own drinks but I didn’t find it too pricey. Then again, I’ve been to clubs in New York that charge $15 U.S. for a cosmopolitan. The RS food is better than the food in the general areas of the resort, but the general consensus is that the best food is at the Paradisus Palma Real. It’s a new resort next to the Melia. I haven’t been there yet but many of my friends have been there. A good friend of mine just left today for 10 days and she just informed me that they decided to elope so I’ll have some first hand info about the weddings there.


Oh wow! That’s fabulous…you know I’ll be waiting for that post on Palma Real! Hope they have a great time.


You went to a club out of the resort area? alot of people advise not to leave the resorts- did you feel relatively safe?
What was the club like?



First of all the club is actually connected to another resort, the Occidental Grand Flamingo. There are more tourists there than locals. Although a lot of resort workers go there too so it’s a mix of tourists and Dominicans. What can I tell you ? It’s a matter of preference and comfort. I grew up New York, my family’s from the DR, I speak fluent Spanish, I’ve been to the DR a dozen times since I was a kid, I wouldn’t go down a dark alley at 3am by myself there just as I wouldn’t do it in New York. Many of our guests didn’t speak Spanish there was no problem for them either. We literally piled up into cabs and went from the Melia to Mangu and back. It’s not like we went to a dive bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


It is perfectly safe to go outside the resort and go to the Mango Disco. There you can meet a lot of really great local people of the DR who will treat you with the utmost respect. It is a very lively place as to be compared to the somewhat quiet discos at an of the resorts. However alway be aware of what is going on around you just like I’m sure you do in any North American city :sunglasses: