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Extended weather forcast

Does anybody know where I can get an extended weather forcast for Cayo Coco?
Thanks in Advance


Hi hawkowls, not sure how extended you want, but I use this one:www.wunderground.com/global/stations/78339.html Hope that helps !

Yup, I second wunderground.

If you’ve already booked, why bother looking? If the forecast is great, you can only be disappointed if it turns out to be inaccurate. If the forecast sucks, it will only depress you and the weather may turn out fine anyhow. Personally I have experienced lots of occasions when the current weather according to the internet is totally different from what is actually occurring. JMHO



Weather is a crap shoot and you just have to go with whatever Mother Nature throws your way during your vacation. We just got back from Cuba and our first week was the crappiest weather we have ever experienced, during the same basic time period, in Cuba. The jet stream dipped down the east coast all the way through Florida bringing cold air. I had to laugh when one Cuban said they call it the “tongue” and it does look like one ;D. When they see it, they know they will have cool weather. It was overcast and very cool and that is NOT what the long range was showing before we left Canada. The second week made up for it with hot, sunny weather.

Yes, I must agree with the above…plus I think it’s amazing that when it states it’s partly cloudy and only 80 how sunny and hot it is…Everytime I’ve gotten off the flight from Winnipeg to Varadero, it’s hot and muggy…just the way I like it…

Because we are leaving later today I was checking wunderground…my husband says ‘why bother’ and he’s right except I’m curious. It says 20% chance of rain for the next 4-5 days; trace amounts with average temp around 24. I can handle that! It’s been a cold winter so far in Winterpeg and like the previous post; hot and muggy will do it for me!!