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Extreme ways of spending time in Dominican Republic

Me and my husband are active travellers and love to spend time interestingly and fascinating… We are looking for extreme ways of spend our time in Dominican Republic with the aim to receive the brightest impressions. Could you help me?

Depends where in the Dominican you are staying. Last time I was in Punta Cana we did a zip line excursion which I had a great time doing.

I also enjoyed the zip lines. If you go bring good quality leather faced gloves with you. The gloves we used were all beat up and not the best fit.

I am sure you could buy some great gloves suitable for the zip lines before heading on vacation. When you are done with them you can donate them to the folks that run the zip line adventure.

Thank you, boys, telling the truth I didn’t hear about zip lines before, at least, didn’t try this type of entertainment. But just now reading about it I thought that it is quite exciting type of rest. So it is worth trying.

It is a blast but you have to keep your hand on the zip line a certain way. Listen to instructions from the folks running the zip line.

While in Roatan Honduras at a zip line adventure we were told earlier in the day someone did not hang on like they were told and they lost their baby finger. That is why I said to bring your own gloves with you.

At times you go quite fast and I nailed a tree pretty hard at the second last landing we went to. I was a little worried about hitting another tree but pushed off the slope and hoped for the best. All went well but you can come out with injuries.

Oh. it looks like quite dangerous(( Just now I am even a little scared, but you are right: it is better to listen all the instructions carefully and try, the second chance for this extreme entertainment can not appear.

Crossing the road can be dangerous but I am a thrill seeker. I scuba dive, skydive, bungee jump, ride a motorcycle, have flown an airplane and use a chainsaw daily to fell trees.

I believe when your time is up, your time is up, lol. When I visit any Country I try crazy things they have to offer even though they are probably not too safe in other Countries.

Take Scuba diving in Cuba, well most of the resorts have such poor equipment I say I might as well use a long straw and breath through that instead of using their equipment. So I take my own.

My motto is “When in Rome”. So if there is something cool they offer then I shall try it. At home I am a Health and Safety Instructor so I have to do things by the book. If it is not safe I can’t do it.

Bring some good gloves and give it a shot. Honestly it is so beautiful while doing the zip lines. You see amazing nature and awesome trees, greenery and other crazy tourists like me scared to death but an ear to ear smile.

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Thank you, freedomryder, you are really crazy and full of life, but i think you are doing right, as we live only one time and it is better to try than not. In any case you will have unforgettable impressions for the rest of life :slight_smile: I think it’s cool!

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