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Family going to Memories Flamenco in Cayo Coco!


So we’ve finally booked our vacation with our two daughters (11 and 9). We’re heading to Memories Flamenco in Cayo Coco end of August for a week. This will be our first time to Cuba (or any of the Islands for that matter) and other than surfing the web and reading reviews, aren’t 100% sure what to expect. Any thoughts would be great!

We’ve already been warned to bring bug repellant and Tums/Pepto Bismol.


Welcome to Debbie’s.
Cayo Coco is a beach lovers location. Cubans don’t live there and access is controlled so you will see Cuban workers but not much of Cuban life.
Perfect for relaxation. It will be hot and humid so the ocean will be your friend.
Have Fun!


Be careful, I pick that resort as my first trip to Cuba about 5 years ago and I am now just back from Cayo Ensencho as the 8th one yesterday!

Cuba is addictive and Memories Flamenco is a great way to get into it!

Didn’t need any bug repellent or any kind of stomach medication when we went there, still bring it just in case. Also if it still the same beach shoes could be useful, especially for the kids. They are definitely not mandatory if you don’t want to buy or bring some.

Enjoy your trip!