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Fancy icons

this question doesn’t exactly have anything to do with the d.r. i was wondering where all you folks got the countdowns or the fancy lil signatures that you’s put on here. would love to add one to my posts. thanks.

Usually it’s pretty easy to find out where the ticker came from. It is usually identified right on the ticker or if not, generally positioning your mouse cursor on the ticker, right click and select properties. Generally you go to that site, build your ticker using drop down selection boxes and select the bbCode that is generated. Paste that code into your signature file and you should be away to the races.
Popular sites are http://www.caribbeanmag.com/cd/vc/ and http://www.tickerfactory.com/ezticker/ticker_designer.php?type=4&sub_type=7 but there are many more.

thanks ever so much bob, and thanks for moving the questionn to the proper place, much appreciated. am going to try to do one now.

Go for it. I’ll stick around for a bit and help where I can.

Based on previous posts, I did a quickie one for you. Grand Palladium Apr 17.

edit: Went for broke. Gave you an avatar too … ;D

thanks ever so much, am such a geek, am just learning all the puter stuff. you rock bob.

De nada.
Did I get the date and location right?

you certainly did. muchas gracias

:-[ I want a cute avatar too but can’t figure it out ???

For starters, you are linking to an image that isn’t there anymore. Use one of our “canned” ones or upload your own to a place like tinypic ( http://www.tinypic.com/ )

Thanks Bob!