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Fantasy Island


I’ve never been to Honduras but have read a few reviews at Debbies and decided Roatan would be our next destination. So now I have a few questions:

  1. Do you need a license or special training if you want to do the diving? What is the condition with their rental diving equipment?

  2. Are the animals in the resort safe to touch?

  3. What is the temperature there in December? When is raining/hurricane season?

  4. Is tipping expected? If so, how much? When we go to Cuba, we always leave some small gifts for our chambermaid and the security guards. Is this common gesture in Roatan?

  5. Is it easy to exchange limpera back to US$? Which one has the best rate - airport or hotel?

  6. When is the best time (weatherwise and moneywise) to go there from Canada?

Thank you very much for your help.


We don’t dive but you would have to have some certification of some kind to dive with them. I think they will teach you but am not sure. The divers out there can answer that question. Snorkeling is great right at the gazebo. I woudn’t pet any of the animals. Doubt if they would let you anyways. :wink: We brought a lot of small american bills and tipped quite often. Maid,waiters,tour guides,etc. We just used american money and did not convert to limperas. We went in Feb. and the weather was great. Just keep looking at the selloffs to get a good deal. For 1 week we paid $1960 taxes included.


Thanks sunburn.
My husband and I don’t have diving license but I wonder if they can give you some training there and then take you to do scuba diving.

Anyone else can share more info? :slight_smile:




Melmelfish, we stayed at Fantasy Island last January and it was a wonderful week. The island is small and we saw it all within two days. The snorkeling is awesome right off the gazebo at the resort. We also saw an airplane and ship not far from the gazebo…it was that clear 40 feet down. Tipping was the same as any other island…none were expected and the service was good with or without. We never exchanged any money. American dollars are acepted everywhere. You can travel on the local bus from right outside the resort for one to five dollars depending on how far you travel. The capital city is about a half an hour drive from the resort; this is where the huge cruise ships dock. A little further west is the very interesting town of West End with its pretty little shops. The main road through town is still a dirt road. Everyone is so friendly…I love the people of the little island of Roatan.

The monkeys at the resort are very entertaining, especially at lunch time around the open air buffet/grill. Even if it rains and lunch is served from the main dining room, the monkeys sit on the varandah and look in the door hoping for a banana. I was able to feed one a banada and it let me touch its leg. The little hands were so soft. The other animals scurry away.

The weather last January was hot; the water was like bath water. I imagine December isn’t much cooler.

Sunburn, we stayed in the block of rooms just to the left of the Dive shop in your picture. We walked by there several times a day. There was a resident tortoise shell cat that lived on our varandah on the handouts that people brought back from breakfast, lunch or supper. She never strayed to the other parts of the resort. She was pregnant in January. I often think about her. There was also a little orange kitten that stayed under that white bench at the dive shop in your picture. Did you happen to see it when you were there?

They have all levels of diving; there are 10 or 12 dive boats that go out three times a day. I saw several one-on-one teaching sessions at the gazebo. My DH and I only snorkeled and we saw many varieties at the gazebo and on the coral reefs close to shore. When I went to Roatan, I was hoping I would get to see a seahorse; they are there but only divers get to see them as they stay about 50 feet down. What is cool about Fantasy Island is that every night at 6:30, they show the day’s diving videos in the lobby and everyone gathers around to watch. The food at the buffet is really good too and they end the week with a grand buffet that includes fresh lobster. What a memorable holiday Fantasy Island, Roatan was.

Melmelfish, the only downside to Roatan are the sand fleas but that can be alleviated by using bug spray, especially on your ankles and lower legs…they are extremely itchy and you don’t even feel it when you get bit.


Can anyone tell me if there are ocean view rooms at the Fantasy Island resort. My husband and I are thinking about heading there the first 2 weeks in Feb.

Caribbean Queen


Yes-a lot of the rooms face the ocean.


Hello all:

I am also interested in Fantasy Island but specifically on the snorkeling aspect (thanks to YVRck for the tip in another thread!). I have my PADI open water diver certificate but am a bit asthmatic hence I do not want to take any chance.

The information I read so far talks about snorkeling from the “gazebo”. Are there other spots at the resort where we can do fantastic snorkeling? Or would I have to join the divers on the boats to do so?

Is it possible to see sealife through snorkeling at the resort, other than small fishes and corals?




You can snorkel in the cove but there is very little to see. You will have to go with the divers. Not sure what you mean in your last question. Off the gazebo you might see a barracuda.