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Fast Passports

I’d like to start this thread by letting all Canadians know that if they call their MP’s office, the person-in-charge will help with fast passport applications.
A normal passport application takes 2 weeks. A special request takes 3 days for most MP’s offices. Give your MP the opportunity to jump the system for you.
They are there for you.

Give your MP the opportunity to jump the system for you. [/quote]

It’s not a matter of ‘jumping the system’, for your MP being able to expedite a process in a special instance. However, planning to ‘jump the system’ is not fair. What about the people who followed the system and are in front of you, should they not get their turn before you? ???

Absolutely, in special situations, your MP may be able to offer support. I hope to always be lucky enough not to need my MP to get me a passport quickly (I keep mine up to date :)), but if I did need one, I could call on him 24 hours a day. :wink:

I thought you could pay extra for an expedited passport if you had a travel emergency or close travel plans? Why else would you need your MP to “jump the line” for you? I’d prefer to see my MP doing things other than casual favours for impatient travellers.

I think you should read this thread before making any phone calls: