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Favorite Christmas Pet Pictures

We all have a favorite Christmas family pet picture… thought would brighten up peoples faces by sharing ours…

Please add you own family pet Christmas pics to this thread…share a smile :slight_smile:

What? Got all dressed up, put on this silly hat, and still no dinner!

Look at me, aren’t I a cute Santa’s elf?

Have you ever seen a Dominican cat?
This my idea of a pet

Dominican Cats

[quote=@hlywud]Have you ever seen a Dominican cat?
This my idea of a pet

Dominican Cats[/quote]

Yes, I am sure we will be playing with those pets while we are gone LOL

Picture edited out, to save space…

This is our first Christmas with our fur-sons so I expect we will have a ton of cute photos soon ;D They are named after my husband’s favourite cigar, Arturo (Arty) and Fuente (Fuey) - our friends at Don Lucas cigars got a kick out of that one, lol. Here’s Fuey watching Rudolph on tv the other night:

These pics were sent to me from SeaIsleGirl for posting…

Santa’s Little Helpers

Our Sheltie:

Always love the pet pictures! We just got a cat a few weeks ago so haven’t caught him in the holiday act yet (I suspect we’ll have a photo like the one above of the kitten peeking out of the tree LOL).

Here’s our girl Peaches last Christmas. She looks thrilled, doesn’t she?

here is a pix of my “boys”

Both are pets and have the same coloured whiskers

;D ;D ;D

Pat, what a beautiful dog … almost makes me want to get another one … those eyes could melt your heart!

Thanks Hula. She’s a Lab/Newfie mix – 95 lbs. of sweetness. We adopted her from a rescue group two years ago.

Olive, I’ll have to get Stu and Peaches matching Santa outfits LOL

::slight_smile: Truth in the fact that owners mimic (resemble) their pets or vice versa?? lol…gr-r-r-r-r-r

Yes, but is Don as housebroken as the dog??? LOL

Bowhunter: Don’tchya know that the saying goes: Cannot teach an old dawg new tricks. lol :-X

Amandalou asked me to post this pic of her baby DAX.
Doesnt he look so cute!!!

I think you need some decorations on that to fit the criteria!!!

This is a picture Jackie sent me of her 20 lb tabby Simba…
Doesnt it look impressed as well!!!

Great pics everyone ;D

In memory of Sasha - she was a great lady…

Four more pics sent to me…

OMG - they are so cute OBH - who sent them to you???