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Favorite - Cuba Resort Memory?

Mine - At the Marea del Portillo in Granma - The evening show was just over so ew went to the beach bar, The moon was full and Michel flamed out on his seat has he was 100 % pooped out from riding the rhorses. Angelica was ready to dance the night away and did a great job under the moon light - Si !!!

Very romantic and fun time I see you had cubakingone at the Marea del Portillo in Granma.

First time I went to Cayo Ensanachos and walked down the walkway out onto the beach

And first trip to Havana with the whole family on a private tour. it was like being in a different world for all of us.

Favorite memory would have to be staying at the Barcelo Solymar for the first time. I would be wearing my stetson hat to the beach and the resort workers would call out to me as “Hey Cowboy”. Even later without the hat on. The girlfriend at the time thought that was pretty funny. Made a lot of friends at the resort that way.

Mine is a wild, wet sail in a Hobie with my snorkel buddy, my sailor friend and a couple of others, outside the reef in big waves at Santa Lucia. It was a bit like being in a washing machine, everyone was soaked from taking waves in the face, and we were all laughing ourselves silly. Good times!

I must say that I like Barcelo Solymar and I had great time in that resort as well. Close to center and still has nice beach with good rooms and food.

Like iggy1…the first time I walked down the beach walkway at Cayo Ensenachos, it took my breath away!

A gal we use to chat with a lot took us to her family farm. Her Great great grandmother was alive then and while she spoke no English she could smile with her eyes, like no one I have ever met.