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Favorite vacation memory?

Well I was just thinking today that I have a “big” birthday coming up the end of this year…most of my friends are celebrating their “big” birthdays throughout the year.  But since mine comes between the holidays, no one ever wants to celebrate my birthday.  Maybe I will have to take a few days and check out Cuba.  Happy Happy to me!

For years I went to Cuba for my birthday. In fact, the time I got a freebee upgrade to Club Class on Transat, I was travelling on my birthday. (nice present!) Circumstances have dictated against birthday travel the last few years, but I am looking forward to doing it again sometime. (apart from anything else, it’s nice to be able to tell a Cuban who is announcing it is his birthday,“mine too”!)

Seriously, my Cuban friends have always made a big deal over my birthday. Once I got a whole cake (undoubtedly smuggled out the back door of the kitchen, but still…)

Well my birthday is the end of December, so it would be great to escape to some warm weather in December. I am willing to accept any donations toward my birthday trip…lol!

Ooh, your birthday falls in an expensive time to travel, then!

[quote=@traveljunky]Ooh, your birthday falls in an expensive time to travel, then! [/quote]Not only an expensive time to travel, but also when most people are broke from the holidays…what to do for the big ?? Birthday is the question…