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Favourite brand of sunscreen?

I was shopping for sunscreen today (leaving for Punta Cana in 22 days ~ whoooooohooooo ;D) and there are so many brand out there, I thought I’d put it to the experts > What sunscreen works best for you ?

I am looking for a brand that will stop me from burning but will also allow me to get a tan.

I don’t burn easily but of course, would burn sitting for hours in the DR sun. On my past trips I have used Coppertone Dry Oil Continuous Mist (SPF 15) - very convenient, I liked the spray but I got a VERY blotchy tan. :-/

Then I tried L’Oreal’s Ombrelle Sport 30 and got burnt to a bloody crisp in 10 minutes! :o

What works for you?

We use Hawiian Tropic. Normally start with the SPF 45 and work our way down to a 15. Never have burnt yet and always come back wiht a great tan.

We use “Fruit of the Earth” Block Up from Walmart. I have always got a great tan using this. We start with the 30spf for a day or two and then use 15spf for the rest of our vacation. My parents are dutch so you would think that I would burn easy but I have never had a sun burn yet when we go south.

We used to use No Ad but I have not been able to find that one for a couple of years now.

Tried the spray on stuff once and hated it… it sprayed everywhere but on me!

We used the NO Ad only!! I am a blond and can burn sitting in the hotel room on a cloudy day!! Seriously!! But I always do the pretanning then do the first 2 days with 50 then 30 then 15. ALways come home with a nice tan…(for me) Hubby tans’s beautifully he does pre-tanning as well and will do 30 - 15. We ALWAYS use zinc on our nose’s and ears though. VERY sensitive and they still match the rest of us. I also use Zinc on the part of my hair as it burned once while snorkeling. BOY did that hurt!!! If you get braids remember to cover the head or use sunscreen…NOT a pretty sight or comfortable when it is red as a lobster.

The one thing about NO AD is that if you use nail polish it will mess up the polish big time!!

My favorite is Banana Boat, i’ve never burned in DR using spf 30. I checked it out at Walmart today and Banana Boat and the walmart brand “fruit of the earth” are the same price. I get the water/sweat proof.

We usually just use a no name brand, Zellers or Walmart, 30 strength and it is no different…prevents burn and lets me tan over a period of a few days. However, on this year’s trip to Punta Cana I took several cans of the spray on variety (no name) because my adult kids don’t like putting lotion on and I hate to see them burn. The spray on WAS great for covering those big wide backs and chest of my menfolk but we went through 5 cans in no time. I also took a squirt on type(with a nozzle) and we all liked it better for application than the spray on. Better for the environment too of course!

I alwasy use Hawian Tropic SPF 4 and have never burnt…I quess my skin is just uesd to the DR sun

I always use Ombrelle and have had no issues!

I used to use No Ad, but its not available in Ontario anymore it seems, so now I use Hawaiian Tropic 8 for first 2 days then a 4 the rest of the way. As Hula says, must be used to the Dominican sun !

Our friends, Canadian, said they had a hard time finding NO AD also. I am going to talk to her tomorrow. WIll ask her if she ever did find it. Seems to me she said she finally did find it but it was only in 50 strength and I think she said Pathmark.

But this was a conversation we would have had last year this time so I could be COMPLETELY wrong!!

Hubby and I both start off using #30 of Hawaiian Tropic then move to 15 after a couple of days. I also then start using Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil over the 15 and by the last couple of days, using ONLY the OIL for me…hubby still on the 15! I also pre-tan a few sessions before I go and finding that I’m tanning alot easier now and come back with a nice even tan. Only thing I don’t like is that my face freckles come out full force too! ha ha I stick with 30 on my face to combat having so many freckles!! lol lol

I use No-Ad. I usually start with a 30 then go down to a 15. I found No-Ad here in Ontario at Home Hardware. A large bottle of spf15 was 11.99. They also sell it on their website. Search using “sunblock” and it should come up. As for the spf30 I have bought it from ebay and also across the border at Pamida. It works the best for us and I love the smell!

The price sounds right…I paid about $8.99 US last year for No AD at WalMart in the US. It works just fine. EXCEPT for the nail polish thing. I NEVER get my nails done but last year I was felling a little down, gained some weight, had some surgery, lost my brother etc and just want to look as best as I could. So I figured what the heck. As soon as the lotion hit my nails it turned gummy. ARGHHHHHHH. Luckly my friend had some clear coat with her so I was able to get it to look decent as long as you didn’t look to close. THE GOOD thing is that HUBBY had to do my lotion every day :o WAHOOOOO!! Can you say morning massage every day for 14 days???

Thanks everyone!

So many choices! Hawaiian Tropic and No Ad sound like the favourites… but I have to wonder, if No Ad destroys nail polish, how good can it be for your skin?

If you’re canadian and have a superstore close to you I’d highly recommend the “President’s Choice” line…awesome! I think I had the spf 45 and didn’t burn at all and got an amazing tan to boot. Great stuff!

Funny you mention the Superstore.i was there lst weekend (Oshawa North) and they had NOTHING. The store employee told me that it was NOT in season…I suggested that they would probably sell more at this time of year than any others due to the volume of people going south. I ended up at Shoppers Drug Mart and found what I was looking for.
Which Supersotre did you go to…

[quote=@katgrl]Thanks everyone!

So many choices! Hawaiian Tropic and No Ad sound like the favourites… but I have to wonder, if No Ad destroys nail polish, how good can it be for your skin?


I had the same concern with the NO-AD/ the nail polish and the skin after what happen BUT here is my story. I had heard years ago that it did this to nail polish but just didn’t register until it happened to me.

I am BLOND and Blue eye with very sensitive skin. I cannot use regular soaps like Dove, Irish Spring, Lever 2000 etc. The only bath products I can use are the Shower Creames from B&B or hand made Goat’s Milk Soap. If I use the Shower Gel from B&B I break out also. I will itch like crazy and literally break out in little red spots under my skin. I have the same reactin with Hawaiian Tropic lotion. OMGOSH one year we went to Wildwood New Jersey on the way home we had to stop at an ER because it got so bad I thought I was going to scratch myself into a bloody mess!!

The only issue I have with with the No-Ad is I get little bumps on my hands within 3-4 days of using it. They do not itch or hurt. They are just there…and go away in about 2 weeks on not using the product anymore.

SO I am really afraid to stray from what I know. Just no more nail polish :frowning:

Oh one more thing!! IF you do get a burn everyone says use Aloe…WRONG!! Get Vichey skin repair. It works 1000 times better then ALOE! It will take the burn/pain away in seconds and it actually repairs the cells of your skin. My friend gave me some a couple years ago and I will never use anything else. I had a chemical burn from NAIR on my upper leg/bikini area took the pain away in a few minutes. Used it a couple times a day for 2 x and it was healed. LOVE it. Helps to stop peeling before it ever gets a chance to start! It comes in a gel and lotion. We are going to Dreams La Romana this year. They offer a Vichey skin repair/exfoliation massage. I am all over this one :slight_smile:

[quote=@katgrl]Thanks everyone!

So many choices! Hawaiian Tropic and No Ad sound like the favourites… but I have to wonder, if No Ad destroys nail polish, how good can it be for your skin?


Another vote for No-AD — four years running and not a single sunburn.

And about the nail polish … I’d rather go without nail polish (or have worn nail polish) if it means preventing skin cancer :wink: ;D

Ladies ladies ladies…you have it all wrong!!! Let the gents put the No AD on you and keep your nails beautiful!!! That is why we bring them isn’t it!!! Just teasing guys…don’t get all worked up over nothing! lol