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Favourite drinks


What’s your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?
What’s your favourite “fancy shmancy drink” ? and no, vcc, you can’t say rum for each answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

My fave non-al beverage: water
My fave alcoholic beverage: Loire valley wines, red or white
Fave shmancy: Cosmopolitan with a hint of lemon, hold the Cointreau


Fav. non-alcohol ?

??? ummm. ah ?, is the answer 6 ?

Fav Alcohol ?

Gently distilled sugar cane wine with a bit of fresh fruit juice, or imitation fruit juice, or from a can of some kind of fluid that had a picture of what kinda looks like fruit if you look at it just the right way

Fancy drink ?
Grand Marnier with ice.

perhaps a rum chaser

27 more…


The answer to non-Al is 4, vcc.

Cachaça with fresh Pomum or from a can is okay.

Fancy? Grand Curacao y hielo. Maybe a straight shot or two of Nelson’s Blood to fortify it.


Answer to 1, 2 & 3:
Mug of extra strong coffee with one ounce of dark or amber rum plus one ounce of CC (rye) plus one ounce of Baileys or equiv.
The CC keeps it from being too sweet, so if you take sugar in your coffee, double up on the rum and Bailey’s and skip the rye. Actually, I don’t measure so you might need a heavy ounce for each. If you can’t taste the coffee, you’ve got too much booze. :o :o

It’s called a Turtle Beach Coffee - my invention. Used to sell it at the restaurant 'till we discovered there was too much alcohol to be legal.
:wink: :wink: Nice in the evening or to start the day in Cuba - better w/both.


Favorite non alcohol beverage: fresh lemonade

Favorite alcohol beverage: BEER

Fancy Smanchy: Anything in a glass with ice.

Dax: Back in the 70’s while stationed in Germany we had a coffee similar to yours, we used Lemon Hart 151 proof rum, baileys and peach schnapps.


Favorite non alcoholic: cold glass of water

Favorite alcoholic choice: Vodka Martini on ice, hold the vermouth, hold the olive.

Favorite Fancy Smancy: Add an olive to my Martini


Great Topic Zendudette :slight_smile:

Q1: What’s your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
A1: Ice Tea

Q2:What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?
A2: Guinness

Q3:What’s your favourite “fancy shmancy drink” ?
A3: A whole bunch to only say one; so here is my list (not in any specific order)

  • Havana Club rum 15 year old; if no more; 7 year old will do ;D ;D
  • Appleton Rum
  • Collingwood Select Canadian Whisky (no ice, no mix, no water)


Coffee, red wine, Spanish Coffee. ;D