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Feb 6-20, Gamboa Resort


25 days until Anna and I are at the Gamboa… just can’t wait ;D :o ;D So we’ll be spending Valentine’s day down there. Anyone else heading that way? We could get together for a drink or 2.



12 days left!!! Just can’t wait!!! Anyone else?

Marc & Anna


Wish I could be saying the same thing.

I am sure you will have a great time.

Be sure and check out the Canal…a must see for all who visit. Regardless if you are from an area where there are canals.



Stayed at the Gamboa a couple years ago. The rooms in the main hotel are fantastic and live up to 5 star expectations. A movie called the Tailor of Panama starring Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Lee Curtis was filmed there a few years ago. If you rent the video you will recognize certain locations when you get to the hotel. Have a great time.


9 days, 8 hrs, 10 min’s, 50 sec’s

Thanks for your comments! Won’t be too long now!!!


I am having my difficulties. I tried to use the quote thingee for the first time. It worked well but I didn’t think to add a message until after I had sent it. Is this making sense?? ;D :stuck_out_tongue: What I wanted to say is a thank you for mentioning the movie! We will have to rent it some time to see glimpses of Gamboa again.

Enjoy your trip, ponder! :smiley:

Northgal :sunglasses:


5 days, 13 hrs, 19 mins, 50 secs…49…48…47…

Thanks all.

I’m a photo fanatic, so there should be lots on our return…