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Feel Like a Traitor!


Please don’t hate me or ban me from this site ;D but we’ve just booked our last minute get me out of here for a week trip to -----CUBA not the DR. Just thought we’d like to try something different for a change. We’re off to Blau Colonial in Cayo Coco for a week in a week! Been to Varadero once but never Cayo Coco so want to see how the beach stacks up with Punta Cana. Will write a review when I get back.


its ok I think every once and a while you need a change… I sure your are forgiven


Sackie, Have a wonderful trip. It might not be the DR but hopefully the sun will be shining for you and you will have good memories. Take a trip to Havana if you haven’t been before.


Have a great trip ;D.You are forgiven(LOL).


sackie, after the Royal Suite the Blau will look like a 2*. We stayed there last fall, I know people say you don’t go for the food but you need to eat something in a week. The food was awful and we all lost weight on that vacation…beach is very nice but nothing like in front of the Palladium Complex…
Look forward to hearing your views on this hotel…
Don’t hang anything ourside to dry, as my husband had all his swim shorts stolen…


Been to Cuba 5 timesand always had a great trip. you’ll have a great vacation too. Enjoy and tell us about it when you get back.


Sackie, Been there… done that!!! And loved it!

Anna and I went there this past August and had a great trip. Look at our pic’s and review…


P.S. Don’t ever forget that most of trips are what YOU make of them!!! Don’t fret the small stuff and enjoy!


Thanks Ponder - Have read some good and a few bad things about the resort but we know it’s not the usually 4.5 star resort we stay at in the DR so we’ll be fine. We’re just looking for a good resort with good service for a 1 week get away. Actually getting kind of excited because it is someplace we haven’t been before. I’d say even more excited then when we returned to Punta Cana for the 6th time this winter.


Hey Sackie,

As an American I CAN’T travel to Cuba legally, and I just know that if I tried it I would be the one to get caught. LOL.

Enjoy your trip and tell us all about it when you get back.



just remember that for the money exchange you go to the little “closet”, to the left, just as you go inside the main building, thru the main door. DO NOT exchange your money at the main desk!!! And make sure you ask for a receipt EACH time. Try it, ask for your exchange and, only after the clerk hands you your cash, ask for your receipt. He’ll most likely go back in the till to give you more pesos… with a smile…


Thanks again Ponder the exchange thing is not one of the things I am looking forward to! It’s so much easier in the DR that’s for sure.


Ooooh! I know the feeling Sackie! I felt like a traitor too this year when we went to Mexico!

I hope you love your trip, don’t forget to post a review on Debbie’s Caribean Site! I’ll look forward to hear your view of the hotel! We’ve been looking at it!


sackie, we used ponder’s tip when we were at the Blau last fall exchanging money. They always give you more when you ask for a receipt…make sure you visit the piano bar it is very nice…


Cuba has many advantages and a few disadvatages over the Dominican Republic, but the good far outweighs the bad. The last time i was there they still used blenders and real fruit for the drinks ( not the corkscrew slushy thing) and the food may not quite be as good , but in my experience I’ve seen more people get sick on my Dominican vacations than my Cuban holidays. I think the beaches are nicer in Cuba and the weather more stable and better in Cuba. That my 2 cents worth, I’m sure you will have a great time!!!


Thanks Jimmy - see you were at Caribe Princess in 2005 too! We really liked that place but we’re not expecting the Blau to be anywheres as good food wise. But we know this going in so we’ll be ok. Actually starting to get quite excited heading to a different place. Be nice to walk along a different beach and see some different sights for a change.


Sackie, Have you checked out the Cuba forum on DDT? Good info and same format as here. Food is definitely bland in Cuba in the resorts. Try some off site places-yummy! If it weren’t for the fact that we left the resort I may have perished from hunger. Breakfast was the best meal.


Back from Blau Colonial and had a great time- the resort was great! Will be submitting a full review by weeks end - I hope!



Welcome back… Anxious to see your review and see your pic’s.


Review won’t be up before the weekend. I have agreement with the friend I travel with that I won’t submit the review until he gets to read it first and add his 2 cents,(and corrects my spelling grammer, etc). The pictures I hope to take in today to be developed! On the drive back form the airport my friend asked how I would rate the Blau and I said a solid 4 stars - he said he’d put it up there with the Palladium resorts we were at in Jan!


sackie, i know how you feel, we are leaving for the Sol Club, Cayo Coco June 3 with friends. The price was so good we couldn’t pass it up. 488.00 tax. this will be our friends 1st time to Cuba…