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Fernando González , one of the Cuban Five, returned to Cuba

The antiterrorist fighter and Hero of the Republic of Cuba Fernando González Llort came to the country at noon today, after fully meet the long and unjust sentence to which he was subjected in the United States.
Fernando was greeted by his mother at the airport.
He left yesterday the federal correctional center Safford, Arizona, and was made available to the immigration services to begin the process of deportation to Cuba.
It is the second of the internationally known as the Cuban Five that meets the sentences after René González.
Fernando, René, Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labañino were arrested in 1998 when they gave follow up on U.S. soil groups planned and executed terrorist actions against Cuba.
The last three are prisoners in U.S. prisons, despite a worldwide campaign demanding his release.
CubaDebate is at the airport and offer new details about the country to welcome Fernando

http://www.cubadebate.cu/noticias/2014/02/28/fernando-gonzalez-ya-esta-en-la-patria/ - .UxDknCj6T2M

Thank goodness, 3 to go…

Good news thanks for sharing madrugada. So after 16 years he is released … 3 more to go … how long before they release the rest of them anyone knows?

That is good news. Hopefully the other three will follow him soon.

They were arrested in 1998 and sentenced in 2001.
Gerardo Hernández was sentenced to two life sentences plus 10 years; which was reduced in 2009 to 30 years.
Ramón Labañino was sentenced to life plus 18 years; which was reduced in 2009 to 30 years.
Antonio Guerrero was sentenced to life plus 10 years; which was reduced in 2009 from life to 21 years and 10 months (Sept. 18, 2017).
Fernando González was sentenced to 19 years; and was released on Feb. 28, 2014.
René González was sentenced to 15 years, and was released from prison in Sept 2011 and returned to Cuba in 2013.


A very readable account of the Cuban Five was written by Cdn author Stephen Kimber, “What Lies Across The Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five”:


From the day before yesterday.

Mother and son reunited … 

[img alt=" " src=“http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a179/eeeefarm/eeee%20farm/FernandoGonzales.jpg” style=“max-width:100%;”]

Nice photo madrugada thanks!! It is amazing to see expression on their faces after so many years. He made it to see his mother and spend more time with her.

A couple more articles:

[font size=“3”]That was quite the line up for the welcoming concert on March 1 in Havana. One of the musicians mentioned, Gerardo Alfonso, will be coming to Canada for an (almost) cross-country tour in late March /early April (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton, Vancouver & Victoria).

[quote=@madrugada][ One of the musicians mentioned, Gerardo Alfonso, will be coming to Canada in late March /early April (Vancouver & Victoria).

Thanks for the heads up!