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FI - Feb 3-10 ? pls advise


Hello… Going to FI in Feb with diving group (30 of us) I have organized this trip and would like to have a few questions answered… ???

  1. Currency- Better to take US. Cash or Traveller cheques, or is Visa/Mastercard easily accepted?

  2. Diving… We don’t have time to prepay for diving packages, as they required advance payment 45 days. Has anyone run into trouble booking the dive packages upon arrival?

  3. Do they have ajoining rooms?

  4. We also plan on renting motorcycles, any advice as to destinations for a ride? we want to look at excursions besides diving.

  5. What are the phones lines like in case of emergencies at home?

5a. Do they have Internet?

Please note we are all divers some novice, some expert, some doing open water checkouts. (we are bringing own dive Master)

  1. Insert any comments or suggestions here!!! thank you…

If you have any questions about DR./ Cozumel/Costa Rica/ Cuba
fire away…

Thanks in advance for your help… Brtore ;D


US cash and credit card are accepted; traveller’s cheques more difficult to cash.
FI has 10 dive boats so no problem booking on the spot as they do two daytime and one night dive per day and not all guests are divers; many are snorklers…also excellent shore diving from the gazebo
Yes, there is one internet machine in the hotel lobby and telephone service is available.