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Fianally my girls are here in the U.S

Back when Yahaira was 3 months pregnant we started the inhumane visa process. At that time I actually thought Yahaira would be delivering our child in the U.S. I had no concept of what we would have to endure. Being an American we simply take for granted that we can go almost anywhere in the world whenever we want. This is not at all the case for the Dominican Republic. I found out shortly later that the waiting list for visa’s in the D.R. was more than 2 years.

At the start of the process I was fairly secure, financially. For a year I lived in the D.R. and tried to make ends meet by running a couple of businesses. Both failed miserably because I really did not know how to run a biz in the D.R.

There came a point where I realized I would not be able to care for my family while living in the D.R. so I was forced to move back to the U.S. Providing for my family while I was alone in the U.S., trips to the D.R. for 2 weeks every 2 or 3 months and the visa process fees along with the failed attempts at D.R. biz cost me a ton of money.

Today I am in debt BUT… my girls are here with me in the U.S.! Now comes the adapting phase. Yahaira loves it here but misses her family, and so do I. The most important thing she needs is English. Brianna had a tough 1st week here. She was used to dozens of other kids and a lot of family. Today it is just the 3 of us. She is doing great now. (we went to the visa interview in the D.R. on October 15th. and flew to NY on the 23rd.)

I am writing this for a couple of reasons. #1 I wanted my concerned frinds here on this forum to know and # 2 to let others that may have the need to go through the visa process that I am available to assist. After going through the process an jumping the hurdles I have a knowledge of the system and can assist.

Congrats on a long battle Phil, let’s hope they both adapt well.


So nice to hear that you are finally all together. It’s been a long road but one with a happy ending. :smiley:

Chris. :sunglasses:

Hey Philly :wink:

Great news well worth the wait :wink:

2 Thumbs up to you and the girls… Congrats Buddy. ;D ;D


great, Phil,
a big hug for the girls, glad they finally made it.

That is absolutely fabulous news Phil, I am sure that given time Yahaira and Brianna will adjust to their new surroundings.

PS: please post some pictures of Brianna’s first time playing in the snow.

We had some snow today and Brianna was very leery! Soon she will see that snow is the norm and not something different. I will post some pics when she does play in the snow! Nice to hear from you Sunny!

Miz Piggy… funny story. We were getting packed in the D.R. to come to the U.S. and Brianna got the little piggy you gave her and put it in her suitcase. It was precious. She still sleeps with it every night. That was her first toy and I think it will be the last one she grows out of.

Congratulations Phil! It has been a long & rough road for you, Yahaira and Brianna. Now you can watch them & their new discoveries!

AAAWWWWWWW! Phil, I am so happy that I could give that little sweetheart something that she would enjoy and be close to. I hope Yahaira is adapting well (even without a piggy!) and hope to talk to you soon. Congrats on the move, I hope that you are truly happy now with your girls with you now. Send me a pm, I am studying Spanish right now and maybe Yahaira and I could teach each other a little something. We are so happy for you. Love to all of you, especially little Brianna. Talk to you soon!

Congratulations on the happy ending to your long journey :)With your love & guidance -I’m sure your girls will adapt soon. Best wishes :wink:

So glad to read this news Phil. You must be relieved after all those months of frustration. Hope your girls settle into life in the north - it will be tough for them this winter, I imagine. Will you be going back regularly to see the family?

Awweee, that’s wonderful. I got chills and teary-eyes reading your post.
I am soooo happy for you and will continue to watch Brianna grow in your flickr link.



any NY pictures to put up on your flickr site

Congratulations Phil, Jahaira and Brianna-fantastic news. You must be so happy and relieved. It has been a really long road for all of you. Would love to see the pics of the family in the snow.

Hugs and Cheers, Cat

hows are they getting climated to their new country
no pictures ??


There’s a very cute picture of Brianna getting ready for a snowy day on the site…congrats on her first US holiday season!!!

Things have been extremely hectic here. I am trying to work but right now Yahaira and Brianna are very dependant on me for everything.

I never gave a thought to some of the hurdles that have come up! Actually a tad funny in ways. Please keep in mind that Yahaira comes from the countryside in the D.R. and has never been privy to so many amenities that we have in the U.S.

I showed her how to use the microwave and she was amazed at the speed. Of course I told her that you never put pans in the microwave. The next day when I came home she said there was something wrong with the microwave so she unplugged it but was afraid to open it up to check her soup…which was still in the can.

One day, in the new microwave, I cooked some leftovers in a pyrex backing dish. The next day she used it to cook rice on the stove. Did you know those dishes actually explode on the stove?

This is cute… in the campo there is no electricity for hours at a time. After sitting in the dark for hours when the lights finally come on it seems a ritual to clap and yell much the same as when your favorite baseball player hits a home run. To this day Brianna claps when we turn the lights on in a dark room.

Several times in the campo Brianna has touched metal that has been in the sun and obviously she reacts to the burning sensation. When she first felt snow she thought it was “caliente” (hot)!

Brianna still will not sleep with clothes on, she simply must find it annoying because she has never worn clothes to bed in the D.R. I bought her a couple of those little pajamas complete with feet and she invariably removes them before going to bed or as soon as she gets in bed!

My wife has a wonderful attitude about the cold. She just stays inside! When asked how she likes the cold she really does not know. She says that in the D.R. it is always hot and it is even hotter inside the house. Here in the U.S. it is always perfect in the house, never hot and never cold.

She is amazed at the size of the grocery stores here. The colmado we generally shop at in the campo is smaller than my garage. She is also used to buying food for that day because there is no reliable refrigeration.

She is surprized at how cheap beer is at the store and is astounded at how expensive it is in a bar. In the D.R. a beer may be 55 pesos in a store and 60 pesos in a bar.

New Microwave… $180.00
New bakin dish…$25.00
The look of amazement in my girls…priceless.

Great update Phil, when you think about it what we have and use on a normal day,people from the DR may have never seen.

Time will heal all the minor wounds, take good care of them

“Feliz Navidad a usted y a su familia”

Wud and family

Oh my, I hope nobody was hurt in the exploding Pyrex dish incident! Hopefully future adventures in adapting to life in North America won’t involve glass or anything dangerous, lol.