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Fiesta Donations from Steve's Corner Bar


During our last trip to PUJ we met up with Director Paul Knight from BTB and his wife Annette to explore the outside of their resort compound. We had the pleasure of popping in at Steves’ bar to see nis new set up for ourselves. We have known Steve since 1999 when he first brought us to visit the Orphanage in Highey.

Steve happened to be there, we chatted and mentioned our upcoming yearly Fiesta in July to help raise $ for kids in the DR . We asked him what his plans were for his beer and rum signs that were hanging in his restaurant? He asked if they would be of any help with our fundraising? Of course we said “YES”. Steve donated 4 lamps for our upcoming event. Unfortunatly one did not make the journey back home :’(.

Steve is very proud of his new project, as you all know he no longer sells alcohol. However, if you do go to Steve’s, feel free to order food and go next door to buy your favorite alcoholic drink and bring back to have with your meal.

Here are the pictures of Steve’s donations.

1 neon Barcelo sign

1 large rotating hologram Presidente with interior light (this was hung directly on the corner outside wall of Steves’ bar) A part of Bavaro history. Pls click on picture below to see the sign in action.

1 Bacardi with interior light also.

Thank you Steve… on behalf of Beyond the Beach Children foundation we wish you all the best, you have supported us in the past and still do.

Pls come to the Fiesta to bid on these HOT items and take a piece of Bavaro home with you.


Oh - PresidenteJay - wouldn’t one of those look fab in your rec room ;D ??? You can always have Rachel or Rod bid on it for you and, they would be able to deliver :o

Yes - Steve has been a great supporter of our foundation and the Fiestas…

Hey guys - how the heck did you manage to get the 3 back in one piece? Don is a fab packer but, even he would have been challenged!!


Yes Olivia it was sure a challenge packing those.

I almost forgot, I have one more item for the silent auction.

We won this at Super Pola… (i have a points cards there) lol They call it a Sombrero??? maybe someone can wear this while BBQuin after bidding HIGH?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck everyone


Those are really cool lamps!

Since I already have one… I challenge everyone to top my bid from the Chelsea Fiesta of $400+ for one of those lamps.

Great work Domingo’s on gathering those items!

Lets get some money for the kids!



That “Ron Barcelo” sign is a must !! I think the bidding war may be started !!

Those signs are fantastic !!

Great of you to drop in to Steve’s and so nice of him to donate those to us !!



That “Ron Barcelo” sign is a must !! I think the bidding war may be started !!

Those signs are fantastic !!

Great of you to drop in to Steve’s and so nice of him to donate those to us !!



Rachel, I will model that hat while BBQ’ing the steaks.


Hi guys, I will use this thread to post silent auction items that I have in my hands.
Rickards Red cedar cooler
OLG gift basket
Titleist golf bag
Poker Run jacket
various spring/fall jackets (6)
Red green book
golf hats
golf shirts
bamboo knife block
cell phone
travel mug
kids travel game
3 sets of home locks/handles
counter top wine cooler
tile art
Dominican landscape print (4-Paul Gerace 18" x 14 " matted) see post below for the pics
3 books: Tailgaters cookbook, The Confession, For Now, For Always.
Folding Chair in a bag, Bryan Browns aunt donated
Super bowl Hats 1985 and Antique Coca Cola Cooler see post below for pics
2 Gift packs, from Pattern Energy (South Kent Wind), Coffee Mugs, Hats and Water Bottle and tote bag.

1 week AI, no air fare Puerto Plata Village to be taken by November 12/2012 (subject to a Minimum Bid)


A beautiful landscape painting donated by Gail and Jim Morrisons daughter. Most if not all framing places can stretch it back on to the back frame no trouble and little cost.

Value is $375.00


Some more items From Wayne Martin

Super Bowl Hats

Antique Coca Cola Cooler


Paul Gerace Photo’s

All are 18" x 14" matted


Some great items… remember, if you can’t attend the Fiesta, someone might be able to bid and get it for you…

BTW, any idea of the starting bid for the Coca Cola cooler? We have a friend who is a collector and might be interested…


My friend is donating it and we are trying to find a value on it. Can any one here help???


Brian - any chance of a patio umbrella being added to the list of silent auction items? :wink:


No, I didn’t win any at the golf tournament this year, and there was only 3. The winners didn’t want to deal them to me.
Dot, I searched ebay and it looks like $100 item. Not sure how much rust it has on it. If it was almost new it would be $500+ depending on the year.


Just to clarify, I meant for me to bid on. :slight_smile: I don’t have one to donate.


any chance of a few more pixs of the Coca Cola cooler? different sides as well as inside???


Olive, I’ll ask Wayne for more pics. Still trying to find a value, can your friend help?


Bryan, you are a glutton for punishment! Didn’t think you’d want to deal with umbrellas this year :slight_smile: Didn’t yours cost a lot of $$$$$?

Sorry we can’t be there, but hope it’s a successful Fiesta again this year.
W & W


Some additions for the auction:

Set of 6 wine glasses and charms with a bottle of wine - Value $25
"Survival in a Bottle" Emergency Kit - Value $10.00
Patio Umbrella Votive candle holder - Value $10.00

Oh and Wendy, I learned my lesson, but I was hoping to get another for a friend. :slight_smile: