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Fifteen Day Forecast


Where’s the fifteen day weather forecast? I mean the north coast has one and the southcoast has one. Why doesn’t the east coast have its own? Sorry, but pcMike’s reports just don’t do it for me. I know I can go to Accuweather, but that’s so exhausting, So, how about bringing back the link?

Adios :sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:

15 days weather forecast???
for a island in the tropics???
c’on, you’re kidding, right?
i work on the water over 13 years here in PC,
and nobody can give you a count on the weather for more than the next 2-3 days,
anything else would just be some guessing/assuming.
for this time of the year, november, december and january,
we are running our little rainy season,
a shower most nights, 3-5 daytime showers per week, isolated by areas,
winds on 10-12 knots from the east and ENE,
ocean is wavy-choppy, around 5ft average,
daytime temps in the low-max mid 80’sF,
dropping 8-10 degrees F over night,
most dayhours are sunny, no problem to get the caribbean TAN.
in case of accurate weather you have to plan for the next day, and that forecast can fail heavily, too.
happy travel

Are you kidding me? I’ll take both Mike’s weather predictions any day over a 15-day forecast for any country. These guys live there and know the weather inside out. Who wants to see a 15-day forecast that says the same thing everyday and is also inaccurate? ???

Agreed to Mike and Debbie&Tim’s postings. I wouldn’t even belive a 15 day forcast in Canada let alone the tropics.

hey…it will free up time for me…no problem…just post a generic link to a forecast centre 1000’s of miles away.


[quote=@puntacanamike]hey…it will free up time for me…no problem…just post a generic link to a forecast centre 1000’s of miles away.

No No. Keep it up PCMike.
That generic forecast center is 99.99% useless.

I vote on the “Mikes”!!! Keep up the good work guys.

I’ll give you my 90 day forecast.
27C, mixture of cloud and sun, maybe the odd brief rain shower.
Totally unscientific, but should be as about as accurate … ::slight_smile:

moderators should behave themselves,
bad boy, lol.
i can give you my next 90 minutes forecast:
i will steel an other one from my wife’s Baileys bottle which Wud and the Warden left here yesterday, and just in case she will wake up from her sleep before i cleaned up the glasses i will have right here on the beautiful PC Beach some not-forcasted thunderstorms.
let me tell ya, that local weather is unpredictable, the world’s hardest conditions sure have female names.
but heck, tastes good,
i sure will take that risk

Oh Mikefisher, you are an entertainer!!! haha I look forward to reading your comments but moreso to hopefully meet you in April!!!

Ouch! I didn’t know that so many were so attached to pcmike’s weather prognostications. No offense intended. I’ll avail myself of both his observations and Accuweather’s which is actually quiet accurate. I realise the foolishness of worrying today about what the weather will be like in February, but I’ve had the misfortune of being in P.P. when the prevailing winds or the trade winds or whatever were not cooperative and we sat in the rain - and I mean rain -for four days. Anyway, it’s good to know that for now the weather is clement; I just hope that we’re not using up all the good days now.

I never look at the weather forecast when we are about to make our trip. The reason is that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. If it happens to rain while you are in the DR there are so many things you can still do.
If you look at the forecast it could drive you crazy and I doubt it if you would cancel your trip if it did say rain.

Hey Shadow. A few years back, my husband and I were bumped to the Bahia Principe in San Juan. We were there for two weeks and got 4 half days of sun. The rest of the time was rain. We could either be cranky about it or make the best of it. You can bet a Presidente that we made the best of it. I happen to enjoy pcMike’s weather forecast and look forward to Punta Cana in March, rain or shine. I just feel blessed to be able to return. No one can guarantee perfect weather.

Hey oceangal,

Actually, that rain I was referring to happened in Feb-March 2005 at the BPRSJ. Is that when you were there?

Caribbean vacations are an expensive luxury for some of us…
we plan and then look forward to getting away for a week ( or 2 ) of well deserved rest and relaxation…part of the anticipation is the idea of having a week of warmth and sunshine…
I agree that no one can guarantee perfect weather…
but, I would be most disappointed if that week ( or a majority of it) was rain.
One would have to make the best of it…but I would still feel cheated.
I just returned from Mexico where the past 4 days prior it had rained …and those travelors were upset about it…
Just my opinion.

I have been on vacation where it rained the whole 7 days and beleive me there is only so much you can do around the hotel in the rain … it ruins your vacation!!!

I think back to the point, you certainly are not going to plan your trip around a 15 day forecast,they are just as useless in the Caribbean as they are here in North America…

but if you found one you like bookmark, one click will get you there after you are there once,

PS: also for the Caribbean i have seen them call for rain, and it sure does rain, for about 15mins

Lets face it, a meteorologist (weather person) is the only person who can be wrong EVERY single day, and still keep their job! Well, except for politicians of course :slight_smile:

Hey Shadow…I was working a Bahia as a rep when you got the rain…remember it well! Made for a quiet beach!