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First of the Season Report from Brisas Sierra Mar

Well crosw jr. just returned from BSM on Thursday. A great time was had by all. The trip from the airport to the resort has now been reduced to about 1 hour 20 min due to the road improvements. They had some issues with the hurricane last weekend but no damage to the resort reported. Quite a bit of wind and rain for a couple days, scary when you are there but the worst only lasted about 4 hours. The Ranchon restaurant at the beach level was closed after the hurricane but they expect it to be reopened very shortly. The Ecological restaurant was expected to be operational by later this week. They have opened a small a la carte restaurant in the room beside the store. They didn’t try it out so there is no report on that.

I am waiting to receive a letter from some of our friends at this resort tomorrow and maybe I will have more to report then.

Can’t wait to get back there on the 27th to see for ourselves how everything is.


Thanks crosw, I am really looking forward to going to this resort, but wasn’t going to do it with my kids for two reasons, the first was the reported 3 hour bus ride. Now that that is over, an 1.5 even would be fine, as I’m sure the scenary is lovely.

The other was the stairs to the beach and I’m not sure about kids club facilities. Do you have any comments relating to the last two and how they would effect a very active 4 and 2 year old. They both walk well and I understand the stairs might be a bit of a hassle, but how much? I’m not sure. Do you often see such young kids there and do they seem to be enjoying it?

ewka, I am not sure but think perhaps you are confusing Sierra Mar and Los Galeones regarding the steps to the beach.

I’ve heard about the legendary steps at Los Galeones :o

I am referring to BSM. I understand that the resort is build somewhat on a hill and the buffet and main area of the hotel is on a level much higher then the actual beach, and being cuba, elevators are not always working.

I guess I’m wondering how many flights of stairs there are on between the lobby and beach and the buffet.

My last time there was four years ago and I don’t recall the trip taking much longer than 90 minutes from the airport to Los Galeones. So crosw, you son reports it now has been reduced to an hour and 20 minutes. That doesn’t seem like much of an improvement. So how long was it taking?

[quote=@ewka]I’ve heard about the legendary steps at Los Galeones :o

Oh yeah, the stairs at Los Galeones are indeed legendary, but not for everyone. Don’t go there. It’s not a very nice place. :wink:

The last time we went in March/08, the airport trip was getting pretty close to two hours.

The trip from the restaurant area to the beach is not that bad, beach level is floor 1 so there are four flights to the top if the elevator is not working.

There is a kids club although there usually aren’t many kids there. When we go back in two weeks our friends are taking their 6 year old so I can let you know better about that.

Letter from friends at BSM, I asked them what they needed and they said multivitamins.


Thank you crosw, I’ll look forward to your review and insight to the kids club

Thank you crosw…lookimng forward reading the review.

Couple of Question:

  1. can you purchase pre-paid calling cards from the resort shop? And are these card calling phones on the resort property?

  2. safety deposit box - I’m assuming the rooms have them - do you have to leave a deposit for the box?

  3. beach towels - I’m assuming they are supplied - do you have to leave a deposit for them as well?

  4. adapters - is the resort the same voltage as Canada? or do you require an adapter?

  5. One last silly question…is it eastern time? or standard time

Thank You@
17 more sleeps

Hi charliesangels, unfortunately I am not going to be much help to you. We have never purchased calling cards so I don’t know anything about that. We are “unavailable” when we are in Cuba so we don’t call home. If the internet is working we will send a “nananananana” email but other than that we have no contact when we are there. The rooms do have a safety deposit box. We have never been charged for them but crosw jr reported that when they were there last week they charged $2.00 per day – this is something new. Beach towels – sometime they ask for a deposit, sometimes they don’t :slight_smile: sorry that is not much help but es cuba and the rules change from week to week. Usually what happens is you go to the front desk and get a card for the towel (no charge) and then you take the card to the towel hut and get a towel. Before you leave you trade in your towels and get your card back and hand that in when you check out. You can trade your towels for fresh ones throughout the week. If you lose your towel or your card they charge you for the towel (not sure what the current charge is – probably $15 - $25.00)

Adapters – they have at least one outlet in the room that is 110, the rest are 220. They are marked so you won’t make a mistake. We take a battery charger for our scooter but it is okay for up to 240 volts so we don’ t need a converter. Your usual appliances (hairdryer, etc) will probably only take 110 volts so you will have to be careful not to plug them into the 220 plugs. The time thing – I’m not sure, they do change but at a different time than we do so and I’m not sure when they change. Either way it is only an hour different so not much of an adjustment

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful for all of your questions. 17 more sleeps – how exciting, we are down to 10 now – I did my packing on the weekend so we are good to go. A few more things to throw in and we’re on our way. :smiley:


We are booked to go again on Jauary 22/09 ;D ;D ;D
Only one week this time, due to time constraints :’(
They never charged us for either room safe or towels. No time difference at all, we live in Ontario. I never needed to take a hair dryer, they are supplied. The only time we needed an outlet was to recharge our camera batteries. There are both 110 and 220 V, and as crosw said, they are marked.
We are looking forward to a quicker arrival there due to the road being repaved, they had just started that last April, still can’t believe that is really happening. What an adventure that road has been!!!

Oh well Brigitte, one week is better than no weeks. I am so excited too about the road improvements, I’ll report on that when we get back. Our daughter went last week but it was her first time there so she had nothing to compare it to. She said it was fine – sooo it must be greatly improved if it was “fine”. I don’t mind the road so much during the day since there is so much to look at but if you are on the night flight, the road seems to take forever and the potholes seem humungous (sp?). Anyway, the end of the road makes the journey all worthwhile. Congratulations on booking for January :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It will be here before you know it.


Hey crosw, have lots of fun and keep us posted. I feel homesick every time I think about our beautiful Brisas Sierra Mar.

Thanks guys…crosw… you are already packed…that’s great!

what’s the dress attire for the evening…I gather it’s a very casual resort…? I tend to overpack

charliesangels the resort is very casual. I usually bring one sundress so if I want to dress up one night I can. Dress is totally up to yourself, you can dress as casual or as fancy as you like. I have seen both options for dinner. Obviously you don’t want to wear your bathing suit for dinner but other than that its up to you.