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First snow of the season


Okay, people! We have had snow today, October 11th, and even though it probably won’t last past 24 hours, I am wondering how you all are faring. Can you check in with your snowfall? ;D


Good idea, travelchick. We all need to be reminded that Cuba is calling.

Who else has snow this fall?


No snow yet, but frost the last few mornings. Could snow any time now.


Some really wet white stuff around us yesterday. (Given the editors request that we manage the foul language, I will refrain from using the s&*w word on this site)


Woke up this morning to what appeared to be our yard blanketed in snow. Was thinking so much for cutting the grass today. Realized it was only a heavy frost once it started to lighten up.


Several inches fell up in the mountains outside Québec City yesterday, but of course that means…
wait for it…
heavy rain scheduled for tomorrow ::slight_smile:


zen, I hate when that happens. Snow is one of my favourite things and rain just puts a damper on it. (lol)


You are deranged :wink:

Snow should only be in a snowcone
Appletons or Havana Club favoured of course ;D


First snow last week. Like always, just in advance of Remembrance Day.
Thank goodness that many services were held indoors. Our WW2 Vets shouldn’t have to stand in the cold any more.


A few wet flurries the other day. Probably would fit in a tea cup. Cut my lawn yesterday then it rained. Not bad weather for November in Niagara !


About 10 inches of snow fell here in Winnipeg on the weekend. Blahhhhhhh!!! Just makes a winter vacation more looking forward too.


Three snowflakes and count… no wait
Make that 3 months and counting :sunglasses:


None here at all in Moncton, N.B…not a flake to be seen yet. Looks like we should be good till at least December now!!

So good to see others across the country for a change getting early snow, lots of it and some cold temps!! ;D

Reminds me of growing up in nfld when we had cold & snow from Oct-May and everywhere else seemed to get off so much more milder than us!


You’re lucky so far. But it’s going to come sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue:
So when it does come…where are you off to this Winter monctonguy?


oh I know its inevitable…but I will enjoy the lack of it right now!..lol

Mixing it up this year…doing my first cruise. Doing a Bahamas cruise in the middle of Feb.

But of course keeping eyes open for a good cheap deal to Cuba as well, especially if we get more snow than last year!.. :sunglasses:


We shouldn’t get any appreciable snow in my area for awhile. I have hooked up the snowblower to my tractor and parked it by the garage, which usually suffices to keep the stuff away. :wink: