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First time ever to D.R. Ocean Blue resort

We are going with our group of 9 couples and have never been t o the Dominican Republic. We are staying at Ocean Blue resort. We are mostly beach people in our 40’s.

How far or how long will it take to get from airport to Ocean Blue? We are leaving feb. 14 from Kansas City.

How is the beach at this resort? We went to Mexico in the playa del carmen area last feb., and it had been hit by a tropical storm and there was tremendous beach erosion there.

Any help or ideas you could provide to make our stay even better would be appreciated. thanks.

It’s a beautiful spot, attractive buildings, great white sand beach. We were there Feb. 07 I think it is about half an hour or so from the airport. There are several specialty restaurants and you don’t need prior reservations. The main buffet is really nice with good variety, good lunch time buffet at the beach. We were in building - 6 Elite Club and the rooms were very nice - two queen beds, nice bathroom with jucizzi (walk out one end of the building and you are on the beach, out the side entrance and your are at the pool). Fairly long walk from the front desk to the beach but there is a trolly which runs every couple of minutes. Of all the resorts We’ve been to in the Domincan we enjoyed our stay a this resort the most. I e-mailed ahead and they were very accommodating about making sure our traveling companions were in a room nearby. There were a couple of larger groups visiting and I noticed that the staff were very good about seating them together. I think you can make prior
arrangements to be seated together because I did notice some reserved areas especially at the large buffet in the evening. Have a great vacation.

Thanks so much, wildberry! We are really looking forward to getting down there and away from this frozen tundra.

Would it be in our best interests to take money for tipping at the hotel or is that not allowed?

You have picked a great resort. The only thing I found a little troublesome was the length. It is narrow and long, beach to lobby, a brisk 10 min. walk. They do have a tram which will pick you up and deliver you where you need to go if walking is a problem for someone in your party. Other than that, have a great time!

We have stayed at Ocean blue in 07 and 08. Definitely one of best beaches on the strip. Be sure to take lots of American one dollar bills for tipping. Tips are sooooo appreciated. They are not paid well for their hard work and the tips make a big difference.

Gorgeous, gorgeous beach with a fantastic swimming area in the ocean (flat bottomed, no rocks - feet friendly!) Definitely take lots of $1 US bills for tipping. We try to bring as many small bills ($1,5,10) as we can as sometimes it’s hard to get change for a US $20 in the shops. We usually leave $2 (or more) each morning for our maid and tip the bartenders $1 every couple of drinks.

Thanks everyone for all the info. I will get our group to bring plenty of smaller bills for tipping if that is expected. In mexico it is not really a big deal. Some tip a little and some don’t at all, but it sounds like it would be a good idea in punta cana.

Also, is there any good snorkeling near the ocean blue resort or nearby that we could do on a day trip. Speaking of day trips, what sights or points of interest would be good for us first timers? Again, any help would be appreciated. thanx

You can arrange a snorkel trip though the dive shop down at the beach, also where you pick up your towels. I highly recommend the “outback safari” if you would like to experience the real DR but be advised, it is a culture shock. Having said that the people of the DR are warm and friendly no matter where you go. If you have history buffs in your group the trip to Santo Domingo may be in order. It is a long day mind you, 3 hours by bus if memory serves me correctly, each way. I also really enjoyed the Sanoa island trip, Again an all day trip, pick up in the am at the hotel, bussed to Bayahibe, power boat ride out and cat ride back, great fun, just beware the sun and rum both of which are in ample supply. Cheers!

So, would you people that have stayed at ocean blue recommend that we try to get rooms closer to the beach or closer to the main lobby area? I don’t know if we can even make contact with them before we go, but was just wondering which area you preferred?

Also, what is the beach area dress or undress code for women like in this part of punta cana? We were in playa del carmen, mexico last year and there were lots of topless women. It seemed that most of them were from europe. The only way we knew was the little we could pickup from their dialect, but it seemed like mostly french or german or some nordic language. It was kind of strange as there were little kids everywhere amongst the toplessness. Oh well, I guess whatever floats your boat.

Try for rooms somewhere in the middle. That way you can walk to the restaurants and then to the beach to wear off some calories!!

And yes, there will lots of topless on the beach there. All in all, a tit-illating experience…

Got home last night and just posted my review of the Ocean Blue. We had a fantastic week with absolutely no problems. This was our second time there are are booked to return on March 29th. We thought the food and service was excellent.

We are looking to book at this resort for a family of 5, (kids ages 21, 19 & 16).
Have a couple of questions for someone who has been there. What is the difference between Ocean Blue and Ocean Sand? Is one better than the other? Do they share all facilities? side by side?
Also, does anyone have a layout of the resort or can explain how building numbering works? What would be the best buildings to request?
Lastly, does emailing the resort ahead with requests work? In the past I have found with some resorts it works great and others just say they never got the request. Are their adjoining rooms?
Thanks for any help or advice.

thanks so much for the info. I think we will request somewhere in the middle for our group, if that is possible.

Also, the beach attire sounds interesting. :o

sharons. There are only 14 adjoining rooms in the hotel and they are all situated on the ground floors. Ocean Sands and Ocean Blue are mirrored images of each other. As you arrive at the hotel, you go first to the lobby. Right outside the lobby is where all the restaurants are. On your right is the Ocean Blue buildings and on your left is the Ocean Sands buildings with the two pools in the centre. The two buildings are identical and share all facilities. Starting from the lobby going towards the beach are as follows: Ocean Blue side are buildings 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 (closer to the ocean and are the upgrade section). Ocean Sands side are buildings 7 8 9 and 10 (closer to the ocean and are the upgrade section).

My husband and I were at Ocean Blue in November of 07 and loved the resort! We were in building 5 of Ocean Blue side and our room overlooked one of the pools, and we also had a view of the beach when we looked to the right off the balcony.
We enjoyed the al a carte restaurants for dinner - especially the Dominican! We felt the service was great - we tipped the maid every day ($2) and also tipped the bartenders now and then - as well as some of the servers. They truly seemed to appreciate the tips.
Have a wonderful time - we are going to Barcelo Premium PC in May - and I hope it is as good as the OCean blue was!

Thanks again for all the info. about ocean blue resort! We are leaving feb. 14 with 9 couples and would love to hear from anyone else that has stayed there. This will be first time to D.R. for all of us and we are really looking forward to it.

Just wondering what the waves are like in the area around ocean blue. I don’t know if it is near a bay or if there is a reef nearby. There is nothing more relaxing than watching and listening to waves coming in, especially at night. thanks.

Is it ok to tip openly. I know some resorts,it is frowned upon?
Also has anyone heard any reports regarding missing items from the safes etc. TA have recently had reports of items from their locked safes going missing.

We were there a few years ago, It had just opened, great resort, No problem with the safe then , have not hearde of any problems since. Had no problems with tiping openly either. You will just love the beach, its the best.