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First time in Varadero

Anyone have unique things to do in Varadero besides the usual available at the resorts?

We always enjoy walking the trails in the Reserva Ecologica (ecology reserve) at the tip of the peninsula near the Paradisus Varadero resort.

Lots of neat things to see including trees with air plants hanging from them, some bat caves, song birds and the odd iguana sunning himself on the pathway.

Josone Park is also worthy of a few hours of your time. Stop and enjoy a drink at the restaurant.

Best way to get around on the peninsula is to take the double decker bus which has on/off privileges for the day.

Climb the water tower at Meson del Quijote. It’s a great view from the top, but a little scary getting up the stairs if you’re afraid of heights. It’s across the road from one of the hotels on the resort strip (but I forget which one… maybe Villa Cuba?). You can’t miss it.

At the very least you could enjoy a cerveza on the patio there. It’s one of my favourite places in Varadero.

Yeah the tower is across from Oasis Las Morlas and Villa Cuba. We took a look last May. And your right it is scary…lol. We passed as the stairs combined with jagged rusty metal looked like something out of a horror film… :o

Ya, the stairs certainly wouldn’t pass a safety inspection! I was hesitant myself… I’ve been known to break a few chairs. And it’s worse coming back down than it is going up!

But lots of people do it. And I plan to make the climb again the next time I’m in Varadero.

Josone Park was really cool, but quiet when we were there.
The open air craft market in downtown Varadero is a must do, great paintings available for cheap prices. And if you think these guys are just the middle man flogging mass produced crafts think again. I saw a painting I really liked, but it was way too big. I then saw it smaller, but the wrong color classic car. The guy in the booth said come back in 1/2 hour and the green car will be blue. I came back early and he was still painting the car blue. I even got a pic or two of him painting. :sunglasses: