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First time questions

Okay I am sure its been asked before however I will ask again… Money, take US$ or will CDN$ work just as well. Also, was recently in DR, and they do most transactions in US so you really don’t have to change any money while there, is it the same in Jamaica??
Thanks starting to get excited about going somewhere new ;D

Hi missme, we were in Jamaica in April this year, much has changed re the value of the Can $ since then , we mostly used US$ while there , but found no real resistance to the Can$. Things may be different now. ???. We didn’t change any funds while there, just took enough US$ to last us. It may be best to change your funds in Canadfa first, hope someone comes to my rescue with more info for you . If I knew all there to know about $ , my stock portfolio would not be in the tank :’( :’(

You will find that US dollars and Jamaican are the accepted currency. I would probably convert to the US Dollar for convenience.

We always order some $$ of the currency of the country we are visiting from our bank (or exchange) and most often, take US dollars as we have a US account and have it on hand.

I will be ordering some Jamaican money and take our US with us as well. Not sure about any ATM’s in Jamaica (Mexico is easier as we have used theirs), mmmm…food for thought, will check with my bank to see if privileges are interchangeable.

You get Jamacian $ out of the machines down there. If you take Cdn down they exchange it to Jamacian $. Usually you can’t exchange it back to US or CDN so unless you are planning to return your stuck with it.

Your bank will do the exchange rate on the other end!

We always take US down with us.

Happy Travels!