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First time


Hi there,
My family (2 adults a 2year old and a 9 year old) are planning on going to Honduras for our next vacation. Does anyone have any tips as to where we should stay?! Are we better off in Honduras or Roatan? They both look amazing but I’m wondering if one is better than the other as far as the kids are concerned. We are interested in trips to the rainforest etc. Any info would be great!!


Roatan is a major drive centre, on a island
People we know were at main land last year said it was about a 2 star
I really dont know if I would take kids there


Hi, I would agree with Koz, if you are looking for rain forest adventure etc… your best bet would be Costa Rica, Liberia,… Playa Hermosa, See Mike Mill’s for any tours, he will look after you. You can find him on the Costa Rica forum site, (Allegro)… Roatan/Honduras… is a divers vacation…I would not recommend taking your kids. Unless they dive.


We just booked the Palma Real and got the deluxe room. I read the 43 reviews on Trip Advisor and it’s a bit risky but the price is right at $699 for their best room. We wanted some place different and reviews for the tours here were excellent. Phil


Thanks a lot for all the posts. I guess you’re right about Honduras. It just looks so beautiful. I
think we’ll wait a few years for the kids to be a little older. We went to Panama this year and the kids loved it so I’m sure they’ll enjoy Costa Rica too. I’ve been to CR so I wanted to check out something new this time!! Guess I’ll skip over to the CR forum.


Hi. I too was intrigued by the cheap price of palma real. I read the reviews on tripadvisor and it doesn’t look bad for the price. Anyone been there? Is there a catch why it’s so cheap or is it a deal. I figure you get what you pay for, but i’ve foudn some great deals before.

Let me know if you’ve been to this place - i have a few questions.