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First timer IBHD March 4 - 11. Questions


Just booked a last minute trip, first time, to La Romana. Went to Puntas Cana, two years ago. what are must do things in La Romana? We did an all day tour last time and saw some great sites. Only four sleeps until we leave - can’t wait.



hey mark just got back. ibhd 4 times now any questions?



What building do you suggest? Does it make a difference? We do not want to be near a restaurant/bar (noise) etc.

What sightseeing tours are must do’s?



Congrats!! You will love it there. We just returned and were in building 6. It is right in the middle but you get no noise from any restaurants. Try to be on second or third floor (they call them floors 1 and 2) because if you are ground floor people walk by your room constantly.
We didnt do any excursions simply for the fact we were there to relax but we did hear great things about Saona Island.
Also, we didnt find it really till the last couple of days but there is great shopping just off the resort. Off the beach to the right you will see huts set up with vendors. Walk by those huts and follow the road. It will open up into lots of shops.
The team at IBHD will keep you entertained the whole week with games and activities. One we enjoyed was when they connected five men together, put a beer on a chair in front of them and had them play tug of war. Lots of fun to watch. Kayaking and hobie cats are included so take advantage of it. The workout helps make room for more of the awsome food.
Enjoy your trip and feel free to ask any further questions. As far as what is the best buildings are 4, 3, and 7. Avoid building 1 if you can as it is next to the theater. The others may get some noise from the pool but that is limited during the day. 6 was nice because it was always quiet.
Enjoy your trip. If I dont hear from you again please tell me how it went when you return.