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First timers to Mayan Riviera

How close are the villages/schools to Catalonia yucatan??
We like to give out school supplies and toys for the children.

Or does anyone know if there is an orphanage close?

We leave middle of nov.

Hi cuba63,

There’s a small literacy center in Akumal called Hekab Be - this place has been working to help local children for years. It’d be a $10 cab ride from the Catalonia Yucatan (which, incidentally, I visited in August and loooooooved :slight_smile: ). Anyway, Hekab Be is easy to find - it’s on the Akumal entrance road coming in from the highway, before the white arches. Here’s a website in case you’d like more info: http://hekabbe.blogspot.com/

Hope that is helpful to you and hope you have a great time at the Cat yucatan - I sure did! ;D

One other thing I didn’t mention - Akumal is a beautiful little beach town and makes for a wonderful day trip - could visit the literacy center, then enjoy a day on the beautiful beach, snorkeling, and lunch at one of several excellent restaurants (I like Lol-Ha on the beach). Just a thought!

What tours should we explore while in CRT .
We are both active and want adventure.

:slight_smile: I think Mrs. V.C.C. has enough adventure just living with you! :wink: :smiley: :-*

I keep her young !
Every vacation , she has to keep up with a teenager.
We saw the movie " The Ruins " so now I want to see an old pyramid ruin and watch the vines move .

Definately do the Chitzen Itza trip…amazing…one of the NEw Seven Wonders of the world…it is a MUST SEE!!
Long day trip…take your swim suit, they stop at a “cenote” fresh water underground cave to swim…absolutely beautiful and refreshing!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED!!