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Fishing from shore

I know this has likely been asked and answered before but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Mu hubby wants to take his rod with him to Punta Cana to do a little on shore fishing. He know he may not catch anything but he can’t lay around like me( the lizard).

Is it permissible to fish from shore? He would be out early before everyone’s up. We are staying at Royal Suites Turquesa.

He plans on maybe booking a deep sea fish with Mike Fisher as well.

Thanks for help!

I’ve seen people doing it. AFAIK, there’s no rules against it (so long as you aren’t interfering with others on the beach)

Thank you for the reply Bob, You fellas are just so good. I’m looking forward to my return visit to the suites and getting out of this nasty winter.

When are you heading there? We will be there on March22nd.


Hey Chuck, travel dates later than you…April 5 -12. Second time there can’t wait to see the new changes since my last visit.

Don’t you drink all the booze, you better leave some for us East coasters! LOL

We always think of our good friends from the East Coast, it will be tough, but we will leave you at least one bottle of rum and two Presidente’s. Have a great time when you get there.



no permission needed to fish from shore on the Isle
have fun

has anybody see any fish caught worth catching from shore last month walked down to the dock there was 3 guys fishing by no fish…were caught that day???