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Fishing in Punta Cana

Hi all,

Hubby likes to take his fishing rod and net (the circular kind that you throw out with the weights) when we go south. He got the net after seeing the locals in Puerto Plata use it.

Is the fishing off the beach in Punta Cana worth taking this stuff with us? He can spend hours fishing but if the area is not good for fishing, not a lot of sense in taking everything with us.

Thanks for any info!

light spinning gear with 10lbs tested line or 8wt flygear, yes, bring it and he will have fun. always use metal leaders on the beach. for the net fishing he will not get much opportunities.
have fun

Tell him leave his rod at home go out with mike for some fun fishing i certainly am and i love to salmon fish here thats my summer life .

For fishing, Mike is the man!!


Dh loves to fish as well - we’re booked to do a trip with Mike when we’re there the beginning of April.