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Fishing trips

My husband and I love the DR but on this trip I have begged a skeptical friend to come along and bribed her husband with the promise of a fantastic fishing trip. We will be staying at Dreams La Rommana January 16th-25th. Does anyone have any good fishing in the DR advise? Who should we book threw? I know the Dive shop offers fishing trips, should I just book threw them? I want to make this a great trip and I know how the captain of a boat makes all the difference. We have been to Catalina with a great captain and had a blast and we have been with a captain who could have cared less (we still had fun, but it is more fun when everyone is into the trip). Thanks to all in advance

Hi Seaislegirl!

Isidro Martinez at Gri gri or one of his guys can give you fishing info…and also you can talk to Katie who is the Apple Rep at the resort…She and Michelle her supervisor have many contacts and can give you some great info too. Even if you are not traveling with Apple they can help you out.

Another contact with be Jackie or Steve Dixon they run the U Drive it Boats down on the beach in front of Gri Gri they live in Bayahibe and know many folks there!

Have a Wonderful trip!

bb/mt ;D

Thanks BB lots of preassure to get this one right. Do the Dixons have an email contact?

Just sent you a pm with her email.

Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D