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Well, I am a fishing fanatic… and thought it would be great to get out on a charter for a half day chasing our finned friends…

Are there any charter companies I should be looking at? are there any to be avoided? in the Punta Cana region…

I am just wanting a nice trip out for the girlfriend and I, catching a White Marlin would be a bonus!!

Looking forward to your thoughts!


contact Mike@MikesMarina.info

Web Site: www.MikesMarina.info

I’ll second that suggestion.

What the hell … I’ll third it.

Thanks guys! I have already been in contact with Mike… Seems like a stand up fellow. Not to mention what he is doing for the kids on the island. Being a father to 5 children myself… I know it is not easy… hence this being our first trip abroad… and I am only 33! LOL…

I asked Mike for a list of things needed… and I will ensure what he states they are in need of arrives… Might be a few hand me downs or whatever… better they go to those that need them… the a place like Value village that resells what you donate in my opinion!

Happy New Year everyone!